CNN Host Goes on Epic Race Baiting Fishing Frenzy


Professional race baiting CNN “host” Trevor Noah broadcast a hateful diatribe against police last week discussing the so-called “talk” that all Black parents must give their children about encounters with the police. There’ s only one problem, MOST American children regardless of race or creed or color are given a “talk” about how to comport themselves when enountering the police. As a white man who grew up in New Jersey I can personally attest that I was given a very similar “talk” by my mother, and I grew up in a police family! My Grandfather (whom I lived with) was a Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Police Officer of over 20 years and my Uncle was a Juvenile Detective in my home town. Every parent should and most parents do, discuss with their children how to respectfully interact with the police, and if they don’t they should. It’s hardly a racial phenomenon.

Noah claims in his video

“In fact, there’s something in Black families called “the talk.” And I don’t know if my white viewers know about this. I mean, maybe it’s one of those things that Black people do that you’ve never heard of before. “

Let’s Talk About This “Talk”–Without The Race Baiting

This is a complete fallacy that is only adding to the media feeding frenzy associated with any police shooting of a Black person. This “talk” that he refers to is nearly identical to one given to white teenagers starting to drive or latinos or asians, because its’ common sense!

Noah interspersed a newscaster describing “the talk”,

“Alerting children about interactions with police where body language, tone of voice, word choice, and other factors in certain circumstances can lead to arrest or worse. At some point, you will get pulled over, and here is how you act. Put your hands on the wh… uh, on the steering wheel. Uh, make sure the lights are on. Don’t do anything without police, uh, permission. Ask before you get your registration.” 

These are all pieces of advice ANY responsible parent gives to a new driver! But here’s the piece of victim mentality the media add “You don’t question and challenge the police officers like everybody else can.” Here’s the crux of it: NOBODY “Else” CAN! Being white doesn’t give a person carte blanche to “question” or “challenge” a Police officer during an interaction like a pull-over. The statistics show that White Americans are more than twice as likely to be shot by a police officer.

According to GOP Newsfeed,

 “The Washington Post‘s Police Shootings Database shows that a total of 136 unarmed Black people have been shot by police nationwide since Jan 1, 2015. Furthermore, only one unarmed black person was shot by police in Minnesota in 2020. Not “hundreds” or “thousands”.

Comparitively, 24 unarmed White Americans were shot in 2020 and 168 since Jan 1, 2015. Removing whether the person was armed or not we still cannot reach a number even close to what the malinformed extremists describe. Nationally in 2020 the total number of police shootings on black people was 243, 457 shootings were against white people.”

Noah and the rest of the mainstream media are obsessed with forwarding the narrative that Black Americans are disproportionately subject to police interaction and violent outcomes on account of their race. Those who attempt to push back against the narrative are cursed as racists and bigots. Its difficult to tell the truth, but we have to keep telling it.


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