Clients On Edge After High End Beltway Brothel Serving Politicians Busted


When word broke of a brothel operation busted in the D.C. suburbs, half the male politicians and quite a few of the female ones went into instant panic. Two of the illicit clubs were in Virginia. One conveniently in Fairfax and the other in Tysons. The DOJ announced that there were some big names in the computer files.

Brothel catered to politicians

This wasn’t your ordinary, run of the mill brothel operation, the DOJ announced on Wednesday, November 8. They made a huge bust which has them “investigating politicians, military officers and government contractors for buying sex.

The high-end network also operated a similar club in Massachusetts.

In fact, it was the federal prosecutors in Massachusetts who charged three people with running the whole operation. “Han Lee and Junmyung Lee of Massachusetts and James Lee of California.

The local defendants were “scheduled to have initial court appearances Wednesday afternoon.” They thought they had the beltway brothel experience totally covered.

According to the court documents, the three foreigners “allegedly rented high-end apartments, paid for women’s flights and transportation, and advertised sexual services available for hourly rates that ranged from $350 to $600.

The thing which has half of Capitol Hill freaking out is the fact they actually kept records of brothel visitors. Highly detailed records.

Fill out the forms

As the FBI likes to remind everyone, 1984 came and went a long time ago. The old days of anonymous Johns are over.

Before horny lawmakers could visit a Lee operated brothel, prospective visitors were “instructed to fill out forms with detailed personal information, including their names, addresses, employers.” Even a “reference if they have one.” Merrick Garland got his hands on the whole database. His hero J. Edgar Hoover would be proud.

Since Congress has been nasty enough to actually accuse him of weaponizing the Just Us Department against deplorable Trump supporters, Catholics and conservative parents, Garland thought it was time to remind everyone who really runs this country.

All he had to do was get the Federal Bureau of Instigation to raid the favorite Congressional brothel. He’s still chuckling over how easy it was. He can’t wait to see the Republican list of names. Democrat ones can always magically disappear. Especially, some say, if they properly grease his palm.

The beltway suicide rate is about to skyrocket as the DOJ investigates “numerous people who may have paid for sex, including politicians, high tech and pharmaceutical executives, doctors, military officers, government contractors that possess security clearances, professors, lawyers, scientists and accountants.

Visiting a brothel should be legal. The only reason it’s not is to provide choice blackmail and extortion opportunities.

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