Chinese Virologist Dropped Massive COVID Announcement on Fox News


ICYMI – A Chinese virologist continues to insist that COVID was released “intentionally” Dr. Li Meng Yan sounded the alarm back in September of 2020. Now that the Department of Energy has confirmed they thought it leaked from a lab, Dr. Yan went on Tucker Carlson to inform Fox viewers, it was no accident.

COVID was released not leaked

Chinese Virologist Dr. Li Meng Yan appeared with Tucker Carlson on Monday, February 27, to tell his viewers that she’s thrilled with the recently disclosed DOE report on the origin of COVID. That, she notes is a “milestone achievement.

The Department of Energy concluded that “the virus most likely originated in a Chinese lab.” While she agrees with their assessment, she says it doesn’t go far enough.

She blew the whistle back in 2020, claiming “that the Chinese government intentionally manufactured and released” COVID upon the world, “leading to nationwide shutdowns and deaths.

She hasn’t changed her mind since then. “Of course, it was not an accident.” At least, not to her. She does understand how the public could believe the misleading disinformation swirling around, though.

Maybe, she speculates, those without three or four years of biosafety lab experience can buy the accidental COVID leak theory but not her.

I’m a scientist, working in a research lab using coronavirus. And I can tell you, based on the print protocol and also the other surveillance system, it would be impossible for the lab leak to accidentally happen in such a lab and cause the Wuhan outbreak and also the pandemic.” That took some work.

Only the first step

Declaring that the virus responsible for COVID was born in the lab is a promising development but only the beginning. “We just reached the first step. It was from China’s lab, and we need to pursue the truth of origin, and we need to keep going on.

In response to Carlson’s suggestion that the virus was unleashed “to destroy Western economies and elevate their own position globally,” Yan replied, yes and no.

Based on “the evidence she has seen and the source she has spoken to,” COVID was “intentionally brought out of this strict lab and released in the community.” The tricky part is that she thinks that happened after the initial local outbreak in Wuhan. That still seems like an accident.

However, I don’t think the outbreak in Wuhan was intentional. I would say it was because [the] CCP government and the military scientists underestimated the transmissibility.” Things took a twist later.

That’s why finally it got out of control and the cost was a local outbreak. However, we should know that the CCP government intentionally let it go all over the world to kill millions of people all over the world later.” Yan had to flee mainland China because of her work looking into the “growing number” of COVID cases “coming out of mainland China that involved human-to-human transmission.

Before that, she was a well respected doctor “who specialized in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health.” As soon as she told her supervisor what she found, he warned her “to keep silent, and be careful. As he warned me before, ‘Don’t touch the red line,‘ We will get in trouble, and we’ll be disappeared.

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