Casey Anthony files to become a Private Investigator


America’s most infamous Mother Casey Anthony has filed the necessary paperwork in West Palm Beach, Florida to start her own Private Investigation firm. Perhaps she’ll become the go-to Investigator specializing in missing children?

Wait, what?!?!

The Daily Mail has reported that Anthony is listed as the registered agent of Case Research &  Consulting Services, LLC and filed it’s documents on December 14th effective on the first of the year. The business is registered to the home of Investigator Patrick McKenna, Casey is 34 years old, McKenna is 70, they have been living together since at least 2017.

From Investigated to Investigator

According to True Crime Daily, in 2017 Casey was living in Palm Beach “renowned private investigator Patrick McKenna as seen exclusively in these pictures on” the registration of her new business at the same address suggests this is still true.

Crime Journalist Steph Watts described him, “He’s an older gentleman. Divorced, he has two children as far as romantic involvement we don’t know that much about it.”

McKenna was the lead investigator on Casey’s defense team and is widely known for his work on the cases “from O.J. Simpson to William Kennedy Smith to John Goodman” according to the Palmbeach Post, other famous personalities like Yoko Ono and John E. du Pont have hired him.

As Crime Daily reported the then 67 year-old McKenna helped Casey start up a photography business in Palm Beach in 2017 called Case Photography, LLC “not so much to shoot pretty pictures but to become a private eye herself.”

Anthony told reporters “One of the reasons that I’m good at my job is because I’m taking everything that the State tried to use against me like my Facebook and pictures and all that stuff that they distorted… I now go through and research people’s backgrounds and put everything together in a good way.”

How Loose Is Their Definition of “Experience”?

According to the Orlando Sentinel though, Anthony may have some hurdles ahead of her.

“State records show Anthony is not currently licensed as a private investigator in Florida. The licensure process includes passing an examination on state laws, holding at least two years of work experience in the investigative field and passing a background check. Additionally, applicants can be denied for having a history of “being arrested for crimes of violence and/or found guilty of … directly related crimes.”

But hey, she might make it work. After all, it is “Florida-man”, and not the craziest story from there by far.

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