Case Settled: FBI Settles BOMBSHELL Lawsuit – Trump is LIVID

“FBI Headquarter” by zaimoku_woodpile is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

You guys are not going to believe this one.

Remember disgraced FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? Donald Trump had dubbed them the “lovebirds” of the FBI.

Well, both have sued the DOJ and the FBI, and one of their cases has just been settled.

Are You Kidding Me?

Strzok was the agent in charge of multiple investigations that were related to Trump.

Page was also working at the FBI at the time, and the two of them were apparently having an affair as well as sharing some rather negative thoughts about Trump on FBI-issued phones.

When their conduct was revealed, both were eventually terminated, and both sued.

Well, Page has apparently reached a settlement, where the FBI is going to pay her money.

She was seeking relief from attorneys’ fees, daycare costs, data privacy protection, and transportation costs for having to travel to DC for the hearings.

According to Page, releasing her messages was a violation of the Federal Privacy Act.

As noted above, the details of the settlement have not yet been released, but the fact the DOJ even settled is a disgrace.

Could this possibly be Joe Biden and Merrick Garland deciding to settle the case just in case Biden loses so the case would not drag into Trump’s term?

This just seems like yet another coverup from the Biden DOJ to me.

Strzok’s case is also reportedly close to settling, but not much information has been issued on that front.

Again, this is a complete disgrace when you consider his conduct during the investigations that he was running and the FISA laws that were broken during this time.

If you ask me, both of these individuals should be fitted for orange jumpsuits instead of being handed a check financed with taxpayer dollars.

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