Breaking: SCOTUS Rules Against Americans

SCOTUS Rules Against Americans

On December 13th, the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) once again decided to rule against the best interest of the American people and against the Constitution, siding with the authoritarian state.

SCOTUS has rejected two emergency bids which were seeking to prevent the enforcement of New York’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. This legal challenge was filed by a group of 20 healthcare workers, made up of both doctors and nurses, who had argued that the mandate violates the First Amendment because it does not include a religious exemption.

One would think that this legal challenge would, in its very essence, be a very easy decision for the Supreme Court, a court that is supposed to focus on deciding whether laws violate the Constitution. If a law does not provide religious people with the ability to exercise their religious liberty, SCOTUS should have ruled that law unconstitutional immediately.

Unfortunately, the court has become more about legislating and less about the Constitution in recent years. Only three of the six so-called conservative members ruled in favor of blocking the mandate — Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito.

Speaking about the issue of religious exemptions, Justice Neil Gorsuch noted: “Even if one were to read the State’s actions as something other than signs of animus, they leave little doubt that the revised mandate was specifically directed at the applicants’ unorthodox religious beliefs and practices.”

The Supreme Court Justice also said that other states have found ways to “satisfy its COVID-19 public health goals without coercing religious objectors to accept a vaccine.”

For critics who have pointed to the fact that the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has been encouraging vaccinations, Gorsuch issued a warning against coercing the minority who object on religious grounds, asking a rhetorical question: “If so many other religious persons are willing to be vaccinated, it is tempting enough to ask: What can be so wrong with coercing the few who are not?”

Answering his own question, the Supreme Court Justice responded: “We should know the costs that come when this Court stands silent as majorities invade the constitutional rights of the unpopular and unorthodox.”

Gorsuch also noted that “thousands of New York healthcare workers face the loss of their jobs and eligibility for unemployment benefits.”

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