Breaking: SCOTUS Ruling… Major Impact on Election

Democrat operative voting

With Democrats now having the lean on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, the GOP is fearful that big changes are about to come that could benefit Democrats.

That is going to start with a challenge to the updated ballot box rule, which has restricted where ballot boxes can be placed.

Democrats, who now have a 4-3 majority on the bench in Wisconsin, are hoping to have the rules changed back to the same rules that were in place during COVID.

Big Changes Coming

If we are going off comments made during arguments, the GOP is going to lose this case.

When the court was hearing the arguments, the Democrat justices seemed to be leaning into the idea that the court got the previous decision wrong.

To that point, Democratic Justice Jill Karofsky asked, “What if we just got it wrong?

“What if we made a mistake? Are we now supposed to just perpetuate that mistake into the future?”

The big concern about the ballot box is the handling and security of the ballots.

The GOP was able to get many of the rather generous rules put in place during COVID dialed back, but Democrats are now looking to rescind those decisions to flip this back in their favor.

The odd thing about this is that both sides are calling this fighting for election integrity, but only the GOP is worried about the actual security of ballots.

Whereas Democrats are just looking for the easiest ways possible for people to vote regardless of the security risks.

It is still baffling that we continue to have problems in elections in this country with the technology that is available.

There is only one reason they are not getting this right… and that is because they don’t want to.

Democrats seem to thrive on chaos, so don’t expect any big changes anytime soon.

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