Breaking: Rushed to Hospital After Suffering Medical Emergency on Set


According to reports, TV star Sharon Osbourne was rushed to a nearby hospital after she suffered a medical emergency while on set filming a new show.

This is a developing story, with details and updates just coming in.

The 70-year-old was in California at the Glen Tavern Inn shooting for a paranormal TV show when she unexpectedly fell ill.

It was at that point that doctors were called to the location for a ‘medical call’ around 6:30 pm, as told by a Ventura County Department representative.

According to TMZ, a manager at Glen Tavern confirmed the “emergency,” but did not provide any additional details.

Santa Paula Police Chief Don Aguilar confirmed that the patient being transported to Santa Paula Hospital was Sharon.

It is unclear what was the cause of Sharon’s sudden medical emergency and her current medical condition remains unknown.

The TV star had never publicly spoken of any major health concerns.

Prior to this event, Osbourne had been seen last on December 6 in LA meeting up with her son Jack, his fiancée Aree Gearhart and their daughter.

Images taken of her showed Sharon looking well and in good health.

Osbourne had last battled a health scare in May of this year when she had caught COVID from her husband Ozzy.



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