Breaking: Ray Epps Caught on Cam

Ray Epps was caught on camera leading a pack of individuals during the first breach of barriers at the U.S. Capitol on the infamous day of January 6, 2021.

Video shows Ray Epps speaking to Ryan Samsel shortly before Samsel pushed over a set of bike rack barriers. Afterwards, Samsel can be seen helping up a female police officer, who according to court documents, was allegedly injured by him.

Now never-before-seen footage also captured Ray Epps’s involvement in the second breach of barriers.

In the video Epps is highlighted using a red circle, where you can see him standing at the black fence before a “glitch” in the video. This “glitch” conveniently appears to cover him making the breach through the fence before ending just seconds later once he’s made it inside.

The video can be seen here:

This is the same video that was presented by Federal prosecutor Jason McCullough at the Proud Boys trial.

However, according to the Gateway Pundit, their source was able to send them the original version of the video, where the same glitch is not present. Now many are speculating that someone may have intentionally added the glitch as a way to cover up Ray Epps entrance.

The original version can be seen here:

After reviewing the footage, Gary McBride of M5 News said, “I would call it doctored video for sure.”

McBride continued:

“It’s like a watermark effect they used. I know they edited the CCTV Video, which is illegal. The reason I know this is because the original video did NOT have the glitch when Ray Epps breached the fence, nor did it have a time and date stamp on it. Compare the videos yourself to verify. Somehow the version that appeared in court had a time stamp on it that DID NOT EXIST in any of the original CCTV footage, as well as some sort of suspicious watermark that is meant to look like a glitch in the video to conveniently cover up the breach by Ray Epps.”

Now with video evidence of Ray Epps’ involvement with both the first and second breach, it makes you wonder why this man is still allowed to walk free…



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