Sarah Sanders Receives a HUGE Boost

Sarah Sanders Receives a HUGE Boost

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders just received a huge boost in her campaign for governor of Arkansas.

Another gubernatorial candidate that was challenging Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the Republican primary has dropped out of the race, likely increasing Sanders’ chances of winning the primary. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has decided to drop out of the governor’s race and instead run for lieutenant governor.

“Today, I am announcing my campaign for lieutenant governor of Arkansas,” Rutledge said. “Over the last seven years as the Attorney General, I have successfully fought Obama and Biden’s overreach, made Arkansas the most pro-life state, defended our Second Amendment rights, kept critical race theory out of our schools, and  kept biological boys out of girls’ sports.”

In the announcement, Rutledge noted that Sanders has been her friend for many years, saying that she wants to work alongside her to make “transformational changes” in Arkansas.

“I want to thank @LeslieRutledge for her leadership,” Sanders wrote in a tweet. “I look forward to uniting Arkansans behind my vision to grow our economy and create high-paying jobs, increase access to quality education, and deliver bold, conservative reforms that take our state to the top.”

Rutledge had little chance of beating Sanders in the upcoming primary, as the former White House Press Secretary has had record-breaking fundraising since her campaign began. In October, Sanders’ campaign reported that it had taken in a total of $11 million since its launch, compared to only $1.6 million for Rutledge’s campaign.

According to reporting from Fox 16:

“The attorney general will now enter a packed GOP race for lieutenant governor. So far five candidates have said they are running, including current Arkansas Surgeon General Dr. Greg Bledsoe, state Senator Jason Rapert, former GOP head Doyle Webb, Washington County Judge Joseph Wood and former Little Rock Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Chris Bequette.”

There is only one Democrat running for lieutenant governor in the state, Kelly Krout.

Arkansas’ current lieutenant governor, Tim Griffin, cannot run for that office again because of term limits. Instead, he is now running for attorney general. Griffin also attempted to run for governor, but dropped out just two weeks after Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced her candidacy.

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