Breaking News: President Hospitalized

Breaking News: President Hospitalized

The president was rushed to the hospital on the morning of Monday, January 3rd after feeling unwell for most of the previous day. Upon arriving, doctors discovered an intestinal blockage that is just the latest complication from a stabbing that occurred during a September 2018 campaign event.

During a 2018 campaign rally in the southern city of Juiz de Fora, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed in the lower abdomen as he was moving slowly through a large crowd. In the violent attack, the politician, who was still in the process of running for president at the time, suffered injuries to an abdominal vein, the colon and the large intestine. After being carried out of the crowd, Bolsonaro was brought to a hospital where he underwent a series of life-saving emergency operations.

Here is a video showing the moment he got stabbed (Warning — Violence, although the act is so fast and well-hidden that it is barely visible):

Since this attack, Bolsonaro has suffered complications. The Brazilian president said that this recent hospitalization is the second “with the same symptoms” since the attack. In July of 2021, Bolsonaro was taken to the Vila Nova Star hospital in Sao Paulo for an intestinal blockage after suffering from chronic hiccups.

Now, doctors have been forced to insert a nasogastric tube, and Bolsonaro may need to undergo more surgery to fix the intestinal blockage.

Along with a picture of himself giving a thumbs-up in his hospital bed, Bolsonaro posted a little bullet-point list update on his condition on Twitter which read (according to Google translate):

“- I started to feel sick after Sunday lunch.
– I arrived at the hospital at 3:00 am today.
– They put me in a nasogastric tube.
– More tests will be done for possible surgery for internal obstruction in the abdominal region.”

A medical statement from the Vila Nova Star hospital confirmed that the Brazilian president had been admitted early on January 3rd with an intestinal blockage.

“He is in stable condition, undergoing treatment and will be re-evaluated this morning by Doctor Antonio Luiz de Vasconcellos Macedo’s team. At the moment, there is no forecast for him being discharged,” the statement read.

President Bolsonaro has been in power since 2019 and plans to run for reelection in October of 2022.

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