Breaking News: 5 Young Children Gunned Down

Breaking News: 6 Young Children Gunned Down

A suspect has been arrested after a shooting rampage at a home in Muskogee, Oklahoma left six people dead, including five young children.

At around 1:30 a.m. on February 2, officers responded to the scene of a multiple shooting at the home.

The officers saw a person with a gun fleeing the scene, and one shot was fired by an officer which missed the suspect. Officers then began a short foot pursuit, leading to the arrest of the suspect.

The suspect was taken into custody.

“We don’t believe it was random. We just don’t have details yet of the why or what happened,” Muskogee Police Officer Lynn Hamlin said.

According to Hamlin, when the officers arrived on the scene, they found one man and four children dead. The fifth child was airlifted to a hospital in Tulsa, but was declared dead upon arrival.

Police also said that a woman with life-threatening injuries was airlifted to the hospital.

Hamlin expressed “shock” and “sadness” over the shooting, at times tearing up during her conversation with reporters. She noted that responding officers would be meeting with department therapists.

NBC News shared the story on Twitter, noting that the suspect may have been related to the victims. “Five children and one adult were killed in what’s believed to be an early morning shooting Tuesday that ended with a relative of the victims in custody, authorities in Oklahoma say,” the tweet read.

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