Breaking: Mid-air Collision CAUGHT ON TAPE

I am sure by now you have heard about the Russian fighter that collided with a U.S. drone.

Russia denied that it had done anything wrong.

The video, however, tells a far different story.

Blatant Attack

The video is pretty amazing.

You see the camera view from the drone, with the Russian fighter approaching from the rear.

As the jet gets near the drone, it opens its tanks to spill fuel all over the drone.

Then the yet appears to clip the propeller of the drone.

You can see the propeller stop spinning at this point, and the drone eventually crashes into the ocean…

Russia claimed the drones were too close to Russian airspace and “were provocative in nature” and could lead to “an escalation … in the Black Sea zone.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin maintained that the drone was international airspace.

He further stated that the United States would continue “to operate wherever international law allows.

“And it is incumbent on Russia to operate its military aircraft in a safe and professional manner.”

Source: Reuters

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