BREAKING: Judges Say Biden Violated the Law


Democrats are not happy to learn that Donald Trump was right and Joe Biden is breaking the law. The Supreme Court just declared 6-3 that the Imperial Palace has to keep illegals on the other side of the fence in Mexico, until they’re allowed their turn to come in.

Biden violating law

Joe Biden might not like Donald Trump’s “racist” and “xenophobic” law requiring illegal aliens to “remain in Mexico,” but that’s just tough.

If he doesn’t comply he’s a criminal, just like any Antifa® brand anarchist.

Donald Trump and his deplorable supporters tried their best to “secure the U.S. southern border and stop the flood of illegal immigration” through law and order.

Joe Biden erased all the gains with the stroke of his pen on Imperial Decrees, one after another relentlessly.

After four full months of wide open floodgates, a federal judge ordered him to “reinstate” the Trump policy. In his ruling, the judge noted, “Biden’s termination of the program violated the law.” SCOTUS agrees.

They “denied a request to stop a federal court ruling ordering the administration to reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols.”

Palace admits defeat

Spokesunits for the Ministry of Propaganda “confirmed that Trump’s policy called Migrant Protection Protocols will be reinstated.” With all the other meltdowns happening this week, they don’t like having to admit defeat on a liberal hot-button issue. They will follow the law, for now.

This, the palace assures, is “temporary” and they promise to “make another attempt to end the program.” They just can’t seem to accept that the dusty and debunked Constitution still gets in the way of their plot to erase the borders.

The law requires that “migrant asylum seekers” have to “wait in Mexico for their U.S. court hearings.” How barbaric.

Trump actually dared to hold 68,000 low-cost nanny’s and landscapers from their prospective U.S. employers. “This only impacted those attempting to enter illegally or without proper documentation.” Biden was all set to let them in anyway.

The Democrat strategy, one pundit notes, “of allowing migrants into the U.S. gives them the opportunity to disappear before their court hearings.” Conservative Americans want to know if they can still rely on law enforcement or not.

After all, Biden handed Afghanistan to the Taliban. Is he going to hand Texas to the Sinaloa cartel next? For now SCOTUS stands in his way but they have a scheme for that too. They plan to pack it by adding justices. Barack Obama’s name is in the hat and he can’t even prove he’s a citizen.

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