Biden Stumbles Around Lost…


Things aren’t looking good for Joe Biden. He spent the day bumbling and stumbling around Hiroshima on the fringes of the G7 summit and became a nuclear disaster all by himself. It’s a good thing he doesn’t carry the launch codes  in his pocket.

Biden nuked at Hiroshima

Joe Biden is being described as “confused-looking” on May 19, as he was “gently guided by Japanese leader Fumio Kishida.” The octogenarian appreciated the assist but tripped and nearly fell down some stairs, anyway.

Smiling like an innocent child, Joe “looked confused” as Dr. Jill “led him by the hand to meet his Japanese counterpart and his wife for a photo op in Hiroshima.” The event was to get some photos for the press ahead of the Group of Seven summit there. That was the summit for Joe personally because it quickly went downhill from there.

After shaking Kishida’s hand, Biden, 80, turned his attention to the prime minister’s 58-year-old wife, Yuko Kishida.” At least he didn’t sniff her hair. What he did do was “bizarrely” bend over “with clenched fists, as if in a boxer’s pose, before also shaking her hand.” Yuko wasn’t sure if Joe was about to attack.

Joe was just having flash backs and thought he was greeting Mohammed bin Salman for another fist-bump. Fumio rushed to her rescue and “began leading his US dignitaries to prearranged spots to pose for photos.” Joe couldn’t seem to figure that one out either.

The Japanese Prime Minister had to jump in “to politely guide Biden to his place.” Joe “shuffled slowly over and looked at the ground in clear confusion as to where he was supposed to stand.” “Do I get ice cream?” some say he inquired. “We’ll figure it out,” Jill soothed.

Meanwhile, “their hosts patiently waited” for Joe to work out where he should stand. He eventually got that figured out with “a relieved ‘all right‘ as he broke into a smile ready for the group shot.” The mishap with the stairs happened later.

Joe has trouble going down

As the day progressed it only got worse. Joe has a serious problem with stairs and this time “while going down some rather than walking up.” Video caught the Big Guy “arriving late for a tour of the Itsukushima Shrine, with the other world leaders already starting their tour as Biden slowly emerged from his limo.

While aiming his aviators at the waiting world leaders, “he stared intently at a set of just eight steps — but still tripped, luckily catching his footing before falling.” That was close. “He smiled as if it hadn’t happened as he again extended a hand to greet Kishida, who was waiting at the bottom of the steps.” The PM was also happy he didn’t get stuck having to pick Joe back up.

After almost falling down the stairs, Biden managed to find his tape mark “with relative ease.” Despite his age and obviously failing mental condition, Democrats are convinced he’s electable.

Nobody can figure out who plans to vote for him because “a recent poll showed that 63% of Americans don’t think he’s mentally sharp enough to run the nation effectively, and 62% believe he’s not in good enough physical health.

The day before, while Joe was in meetings, Jill Biden visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. This is something American kids need to know about, she quipped. Despite the serious need for gender studies and instruction on the proper use of anal sex toys, there seems to be a need to actually teach another subject once in a while.

We must teach this history, so that we can understand the choices in front of us,” Jill observed. “Choose creation over destruction, innovation over inhumanity, peace over bloodshed, democracy over autocracy.” If Jill Biden doesn’t want American city’s to get nuked like we did to that one, she needs to talk Joe into leaving Taiwan alone.

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