Biden SNUBBED By One of His Own, Never Saw it Coming


His Wisdom Joe Biden just got snubbed by one of his own supposedly loyal subjects and never even saw it coming. The left-leaning mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, may be a Democrat but he’s not willing to leave the smog for all the muck and corruption of the swamp.

Biden sticks Buttigieg instead

Thursday’s press conference about the spike in coronavirus cases in Los Angeles County got side tracked when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti started throwing sour grapes at the Imperial Palace.

Before November’s selection, Joe Biden offered him a position in his administration but there are some things so low even Democrats won’t have anything to do with, so Garcetti turned the Trojan gift down.

Speaking at the Covid conference, he told the public, “there were things on the table for me.” He claims he told the transition team, “very clearly” what they could do with their offer. He didn’t tell reporters exactly which job he was presented, but rumors in the taco shop say they wanted him to run the Department of Transportation.

Biden stuck the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, into that slot and he was officially nominated by the Palace on Tuesday.

Over at The Blaze, they note that “others questioned the timing of his announcement given that earlier on Thursday a judge had ordered Garcetti must testify in a lawsuit against the city by a Los Angeles police officer who accused a former mayoral aide of sexual harassment.”

That could be another reason why he’s trying to distance himself from Joe Biden.

Political Self-quarantine

Mayor Garcetti will have a good reason for hiding from both the cameras and Biden advisors. Along with the recent huge spike in Covid cases, the plague struck his home too. Both the mayor and his wife will be in “self-quarantine after their 9-year-old daughter tested positive for the coronavirus.”

He got the call at work on Monday. “my wife called to let us know that our beloved daughter Maya, who turned nine this weekend, wasn’t feeling very well. And after she came down with a fever, we had her tested for COVID-19, and her results came back positive.” So far, they symptoms are mild and his wife is testing negative.

All those lockdowns recommended by Joe Biden and Imperial Democrats aren’t doing any good. Garcetti himself “has ordered renewed lockdowns after coronavirus spiked in a second wave in recent weeks.”

It didn’t prevent his daughter from getting it. Sooner or later it will get to everyone, just like the traditional flu which makes the rounds year after year.

The biggest problem right now is that Biden and the Palace have no magic unicorn dust to sprinkle over the hospitals. The rest of the press conference detailed how “intensive care units in Southern California were at full capacity.”

With “some of the harshest COVID-19 policies in the country,” their health officials are scratching their heads how it happened. Every day, it gets harder to justify “such a draconian lockdown order given the negative consequences that will come from shutting down the economy and isolating so many people.”

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