Biden Pardon Announcement OUTRAGES Conservatives… NO WAY

Biden mumbling

Remember the name Marilyn Mosby?

She is the former Baltimore DA who was charged with illegally accessing her retirement account and mortgage fraud.

Well, now she is hoping to make it to Joe Biden’s next pardon list.

Let Her Go

Biden recently announced a new set of pardons, setting 16 former drug dealers free.

Mind you, these were not people who got caught buying a nickel or dime bag of weed on the corner.

Most of them were dealing drugs such as cocaine or meth, with at least one heroin dealer mixed in for fun.

There was also at least one dealer that had been locked up for dealing their drugs near a school, so these are just some great citizens that Biden set free.

Mosby must have figured she should strike while the iron is hot, hoping for a pardon from Biden herself.

Mosby has already been convicted for charges related to her purchase of a Florida home, but her sentencing is not scheduled until later this month.

Mosby explained, “I know that I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, nothing criminal, and to be separated from my children for 40 years as a result of withdrawing $90,000 of my own money, it just makes absolutely no sense.

“They have done this to demonize me, to vilify me, and to break me… I’ve lost everything.”

Can you imagine if Biden pardoned her while allowing Trump to be tried for allegedly inflating business assets to get better loan terms?

Can anyone say “hypocrite?”

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