TikTok Video Of Liberal Raging Against Wealthy Democrats Goes Viral


A TikTok video of a liberal slamming Democrat politicians went viral on Twitter after being shared by the popular “Libs of TikTok” account. The video was at first published to Alex Pearlman’s TikTok account where it garnered over half a million views.

“I’m not gon na shut up about this, I’m not due to the fact that I can not yell at the Republicans,” stated a mad Pearlman.

“They not gon na transform, they are who they are, we’re stuck with them, we’re not gon na transform them. You can’t shame them, you can’t convince them, you can’t trick them, you cant f *** ing out plan them,” he stated.

“However I can yell at the Democratic event, and I can tell them where they can at the very least make one f *** ing little change to quit pissing me the f *** off every hour today. Stop sending me, stop sending me fundraising demands right now, OK?” Pearlman yelled.

“The Republican celebration had a prepare for the last fifty years to reverse Roe vs. Wade,” he added. “We had a leakage 5 weeks ago telling us that this exact point was mosting likely to occur, and your response after 5 weeks of careful study as well as preparation and also thought has been to send us continuously fundraising emails!”

Pearlman after that reviewed a listing of the richest Democrats in Congress and their net worth in the millions.

“Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the f *** ing House, of the Democratic celebration from California is worth $114.7 million! Dianne Feinstein who does not understand where the f *** she is right currently, the legislator from The golden state, part of the Democratic party, is worth $87.9 million! Million!” he emphasized.

“You guys desire money? F *** ing call your person! You call him weekly to do expert trading! Quit f *** ing sending me emails! Stop sending me f *** ing messages, stop f *** ing analysis poems as well as vocal singing godd *** karaoke!” he continued.

“You have power! You have it! You’re in the seat! We are the ones who are powerless!” Pearlman shouted.

Stop f *** ing acting you’re objecting!” he added. “If you don’t want to f *** ing do it or its too hard, f *** ing retire! You’re rich as s ***! You do not require to do anything!”

He went on to shout that if he had the money Pelosi had that he would at least have hired a driver for her husband to prevent a driving under the influence charge. He furthermore called upon the whole leadership of the Democratic Party to be cleaned out and changed.

“You don’t care! You do not care! You simply wish to remain in the seat!” he wrapped up madly. “F *** you!”

When it was published by a conservative on Twitter and later on shared by Libs of TikTok as well as film star James Woods, Pearlman’s tirade collected more than a million views.

Here’s the video of Pearlman’s rant with explicit language:

H/T The Blaze

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