Biden Hints at Staying in Afghanistan FOREVER…Military Families ENRAGED


Military families are once again livid with the Biden-Harris regime today . This time, its about Afghanistan. First, it was reprehensible conditions for National Guard troops in Washington, D.C. with spoiled, metal shaving riddled food. Now, it is the uncertainty of whether our troops will be coming home after two long decades in Afghanistan uncertainty that is torture for over two thousand families today.

According to Reuters, Biden is now “looking to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan past a May 1 deadline while exploring a deal in which the Taliban would allow a U.S. counter-terrorism force to remain as they confront their Islamic State foes, a top U.S. lawmaker said on Wednesday.”

House of Representatives Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-WA), had a plethora of excuses for Biden’s imminent failure to keep America’s word to not only our military but to the Afghan people as well.

“I think there’s a general feeling that May 1 is too soon, just logistically,” he said. “We’ve got … closer to 3,500 troops in Afghanistan. Our allies have around 7,000.”

“You cannot pull out 10,000-plus troops in any sort of way in six weeks,” he said. He added the administration’s “job one” is talking to the Taliban about allowing the U.S.-led force to remain for a little longer.

Long story short, they can’t get the job done like President Trump promised. And it turns out: the Democrats engineered it that way. Reuters reports that “The Taliban have indicated they will resume attacking foreign forces if Biden fails to meet the May 1 deadline, and some experts doubt they would allow any U.S. force to stay.”

As Trita Parsi and Adam Noah wrote in Time magazine,

“It will annul the U.S.-Taliban agreement, which, despite its flaws and failure to bring peace to Afghans, led to a year without a single U.S. combat death, and leave President Biden to once again await American caskets at Dover Air Force Base,” they wrote.

“If Biden chooses to stay, every dead soldier, every family broken, and every opportunity wasted to build back better at home will rest on his shoulders and taint his legacy,” Parsi and Weinstein concluded. “America’s endless war in Afghanistan will become Biden’s war.” It is these military families that would be broken who are angriest at Biden tonight.

Democrats Never Planned To Bring The Troops Home from Afghanistan

Objectively, it appears that the Democrat-Socialists in Congress were working against President Trump’s agreement to bring the troops home from the word ‘go’. As reported in The GOP Times,

WYMT further explained that, “Under the National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress two weeks ago, the Pentagon was explicitly forbidden to use money from this year’s or last year’s budget on reducing the number of troops below 4,000 — or below the number that was in the country the day the bill was finalized.”

That means in January, before Biden’s inauguration, Congress had already acted to make achieving the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan all but impossible. It was a clear act of sabotage. The Democrats sought to destroy every last effort of President Trump’s including the promises he made to our military who are tired of dying needlessly on Afghan soil and the Afghanistani people who want an end to foreign occupation that has been a part of their daily lives since time immemorial ( The British first, then the Soviets, then us.)

According to Forbes, “Biden is considering asking for a six-month extension to the May 1 troop withdrawal deadline, though a decision hasn’t been made yet and the Taliban would likely need to agree to an extension, NBC News and CNN reported Thursday, citing unnamed sources.” But it seems highly unlikely that the Taliban will agree as they’ve consistently called for the White House and Pentagon to meet the agreement they signed with President Trump.



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