Joe Biden’s Totalitarian Regime Scared Sh*tless of the Americans They STOLE From


The Biden-Harris Regime is on Alert! According to testimony to a joint Senate Committee Wednesday the Department of Homeland Security says they are “on alert over online chatter about a possible attack on the Capitol Thursday or Saturday.” Information alleging that “known militia groups” may attack the Capitol, in spite of 5,200 National Guard stationed there, have the Democrats in charge of Congress going into full panic-mode.

Fox43 reports,

“The Director of DHS’s Intelligence and Analysis division said it issued a security bulletin around midnight. It warns about militia groups desiring an attack on the Capitol on what they view as the “true” inauguration day, part of the false Q-Anon conspiracy theory.”

US House of Representatives Cancels All Votes

All votes are cancelled in the House today after the US Capitol Police (USCP) revealed publicly that they received intelligence which pointed to ‘a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group’.

This far-fetched and vague militia threat has shut down half of Congress today, because the Democrats are so confident in their mandate from the American people… that they are terrified of them?

Where do they think enough militia to challenge 5,200 troops are going to appear from? This reads like the USCP and FBI being trolled by 4Chan. To say this seems like a stretch is entirely too generous. Democrats in Congress are already in a confirmable state of paranoid delirium as shown by the hysterical response to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and it appears to be getting much, much worse.

This ‘Militia’ Panic Shows One Thing: They’re Terrified

Robby Soave wrote for Reason,

“Frankly, this is absurd. While some desperate remnants of QAnon will probably continue chatting online about restoring former President Donald Trump to his throne, the likelihood of another attack is virtually nonexistent. Even the intelligence sources who noted the possibility of the attack did not think it would actually happen, and described the chatter as more “aspirational” than operational. It’s a big country, and there will often be some crazy person somewhere making idle threats online; the business of Congress should not come to a screeching halt every time this happens.”

Consider the following: Washington, D.C. is currently under a de-facto military occupation of about 5,000 National Guard Troops, 4,900 of whom are expected to remain through March 12th. So any possibility of a hostile insurrection isn’t just remote, it’s astronomically unlikely. Most militia members are former military or  law enforcement and are pretty savvy. Marching on DC with our troops deployed there would be tantamount to suicide.

The epic and mind boggling overreaction to what could be described like Soave said as an “Absurd” threat belies the obvious. This is a government that is deathly afraid of it’s own people. This is not the confidence of a regime that has a ‘mandate’ of 81,281,502 votes according to Cook Political.

No, this is a the paranoia of a government that inwardly know they lack legitimacy, they lack the confidence of the people. They feel the sword of Damocles dangling worryingly above their heads and realize now since January 6th, oh how vulnerable they really are.

Let’s Talk About the Real Threat to the Biden-Harris Regime

The reason the Capitol still stands today is because of one main reason: the people who perpetrated the breach were not there to burn it down. Were the shoe on the other foot so to speak, if it were a rampaging mob of all leftists, Antifa & BLM, the Capitol building would be smoldering rubble and hundreds of Republican Congressmen and Senators would be dead.

The leftists in Congress and the regime know this well, because they know their own base and that is why they are so afraid. And every day that the far left fringe doesn’t get what they want from the Biden-Harris regime the danger grows. These “known militia groups” are just a convenient excuse to deflect from the real threat they are beginning to feel: their own base.

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