Biden Caught on Hot Mic… Reveals EVERYTHING

Biden Caught Doing Creepy Joe Things

There is a video going around of Joe Biden after a tree dedication ceremony.

There are a few seconds of that video that have people asking a lot of questions.

It is not so much Joe Biden getting ready to wander off into the woods.

It was a comment that Biden made as this was all going down.


The ceremony was to honor White House groundskeeper Dale Haney.

Haney has spent the last five decades taking care of the grounds, and now he will have a tree on the grounds named after him.

After the ceremony was over, Joe appeared ready to go in the wrong direction.

Secret Service redirected him, which had Joe a bit perturbed.

After Jill was clearly humoring him, Biden unleashed, stating, “Yeah I notice how much freedom I have.”

Does that sound like a man that is in control of this administration?

Source: Breitbart

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