Barricades Erected With Trump Arrest Imminent [Details]


On Monday, March 20, a criminal grand jury indictment naming once and future President Donald Trump is expected to be handed down. Even though there’s a good chance that the grand jury won’t think it’s a big enough deal to charge him with, police started setting up the riot barricades.

Trump indictment looms

According to Politico, a New York grand jury “is expected to charge Trump late Monday or Wednesday, according to three people involved in the deliberations.

That started rumors swirling over the weekend. Especially because a person involved in the planning added, “we’ll be discussing how we bring Trump in.” The entire country has their attention focused on that Manhattan jury pool.

The whole thing is obvious political theater meant to distract everyone’s attention from the fact that nobody in the Biden family is sweating arrest. Some say most of that clan belongs behind bars but House lawmakers are only beginning to sort the evidence out. This manufactured case against Donald Trump is old news. Everyone knew before he was elected that his lawyer paid Stormy Daniels to keep her mouth shut about an alleged affair.

In lawyerville, it’s normal to throw cash at a nuisance to make it go away, rather than spend a whole lot of time, energy and money going through the entire circus to prove innocence beyond the shadow of a doubt. Cohen paid Daniels, Trump paid his lawyer back for it. Should have been a done deal, and not a big one.

It came back to haunt Trump as a federal case, which was dropped because there was no solid indication he did anything wrong. That didn’t stop Trump-fearing Democrats from resurrecting the case from the dead at the state level. Even if he is indicted, there is no reason at all to issue a warrant and haul him in. The entire thing is political drama and everyone can see it.

The way Jonathan Turley put it, referring to the prosecutor in the case, “One would say Bragg is outside of his lane, but in this case, he’s on a completely different highway. This is an effort by a state official to effectively prosecute a federal crime, a crime that the Department of Justice decided not to prosecute.

No decisions yet

On Monday, everyone is reporting how “Law enforcement officials are meeting at NYPD headquarters in lower Manhattan.” They’re frantically trying to plan for public outrage. “An indictment by a grand jury is expected late Monday or Wednesday. We’ll be discussing how we bring Trump in. No decisions have been made yet.

Trump’s lawyers already made it crystal clear there isn’t going to be any kind of “standoff at Mar-a-Lago.” The case is a joke but they can’t wait to plaster his mug shot across every screen in America. He’s probably already standing by in New York just waiting for the word.

Donald Trump is such a dangerous guy that the “meeting will include members of the NYPD, the U.S. Secret Service, court officers and officials from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.” They’re planning swat gear and tear gas to take him in. The court doesn’t have much to tell reporters on the subject, other than “there’s nothing to report since no charges have been filed.

That’s a valid possibility which could leave a lot of liberals looking really silly. They may be defunded, demoralized and hemorrhaging staff right-and-left but the NYPD claims they’re ready for anything. “The NYPD’s state of readiness remains a constant at all times, for all contingencies.” Even political drama.

One court official did acknowledge they have to give Trump a chance to surrender but they’re really hoping he won’t.

If Trump were to not surrender, a warrant would be issued for his arrest. Whether Trump would be handcuffed is a decision that would be made by the district attorney but either way, he would be finger printed and a mug shot would be taken.” They already decided that they aren’t going to have the president “perp-walked” or “paraded before the public in handcuffs.” That would guarantee his re-election.

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