Ted Cruz SHOCK Announcement

Ted Cruz
“Ted Cruz” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is now taking a shot at being the next Nostradamus.

Cruz is offering up his opinion on what will happen if Donald Trump announces in the 2024 election.

Something tells me he has been reading our articles (just kidding).

Clear the Field

Cruz is going right along our line of thinking on this.

If Trump announces, all serious candidates back out of the race rather than waste time and money.

As much as people love Ron DeSantis, he is still being lapped by Trump in nationwide polls.

That is not to say that DeSantis would not give Trump a run for his money, but I don’t think he would run if Trump announced.

To that point, Cruz stated, “I’m sure it clears it out significantly.

“We’ll see what happens.

“Look, the lay of the land is everyone is waiting to see what Trump decides to do.

“Anyone who tells you they’re not is lying to you. 

And he’s going to decide on whatever time frame he desires.”

Cruz is one of those waiting in the wings, but I don’t see him ever being a serious threat again for the presidency.

People are ready for fresh faces, and DeSantis is by far the favorite if Trump is not in the field.

If Trump does run, I could see Cruz playing a role in the administration, such as the Attorney General, especially if he thinks Republicans can hold on and win again in 2028.

Cruz could find himself as the AG for quite some time if Republicans can get a death grip on the White House.

Source: Fox News

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