Atlanta’s Race Baiting Democrat Leader Decides Your Vote Doesn’t Count


Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta, Georgia has released an Executive Order, insulting Republicans nation-wide who support President Trump and attempting to thwart the election integrity efforts of the Republican dominated legislature and Governor Brian Kemp. Further the order is a deep insult to all Black Americans with the implication that Georgia’s Election Integrity Act creates some sort of insurmountable hurdle, preventing them from voting.

According to TalkingPointsMemo, Mayor Lance-Bottoms is parroting the debunked claim that the Election Integrity Act will “disproportionately impact Atlanta residents—particularly in communities of color and other minority groups.”

“You know what’s racist? Assuming because I’m black that ‘I just don’t have the capability of getting an I-D,’” Congressman Burgess Owens (R-OH) tweeted according to the Heritage Foundation. Of course this is just one of Rep. Owens multiple brutal tweets on the subject.

The Executive Order from Lance-Bottoms instructs the city’s “Chief Equity Officer” (seriously) to “consult with the Department of Law and develop a plan of action to mitigate the impact on the City of Atlanta residents of the voting restrictions imposed by Senate Bill 202 (the Election Integrity Act of 2021).

Democrat’s Executive Order Isn’t Worried About YOUR Vote

The soaring oratory and virtue signaling of Mayor Lance-Bottoms cannot disguise the bold-faced contempt for Republicans and ALL Americans who have deeply held concerns and fears that their vote was compromised in 2020, it offers no solutions or reassurances.. only scorn and derision.

The order states,

“WHEREAS, during the 2020 General Election and General Election Runoff for Federal Offices, the residents of the State of Georgia and the City of Atlanta exercised their right to vote in overwhelming numbers, leading to historical results; and

WHEREAS, in the wake of the 2020 elections, various unsubstantiated allegations of fraud were made, and the election results were unsuccessfully challenged in the courts…”

…and so on. The hyper-partisan Executive Order lionizes the late Democrat Congressman John Lewis and attempts to clothe itself in the virtue of protecting the right to vote with his words.

The Orwellian double-think is breathtaking here. In thwarting and undermining what anyone would objectively call the desperate efforts of Georgia’s government to restore the BADLY shaken faith in their election system as our nation teeters on the precipice of a Cold-Civil War tuned hot, the City of Atlanta is claiming to protect the right to vote!


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