Antifa® Violently Attacks Christian Worship Service, Then The Proud Boys Step In


In Portland, Oregon this weekend, defunded and useless police stood back and watched as violent Antifa® brand anarchists attacked a Christian group daring to pray in the park. As soon as the Proud Boys got word of the worship service assault, they rushed to the rescue, dispensing vigilante justice. The battle raged for hours.

Proud Boys engage Antifa®

Videos are flooding out from Portland, Oregon detailing the battle of Tom McCall Waterfront Park which occurred on Saturday, August 2, between anarchist Antifa® irregulars and the Constitution supporting Proud Boys militia.

The spark which inflamed the event to a blaze of violence was a gathering of Christians near the Battleship Oregon Memorial to pray on the waterfront. The whole day long, police officers “did not intervene,” other than “a squad car sounding its siren just feet away.” That was captured on one of the videos.

Traveling preacher Artur Pawlowski hosted the open-air worship service. He’s not popular with the liberal left because he’s “been arrested in Canada for holding in-person worship services in violation of coronavirus restrictions.”

Several of the anarchist organization’s twitter accounts were buzzing with plans for the big day. The “crowd of demonstrators dressed in” Antifa® approved “black bloc attire showed up at the waterfront to confront worshipers.”

The videos clearly show dozens of Democrats “carrying black umbrellas and shields.” They had two types of chemical weapons in their arsenal, canisters spraying both “red and yellow gas.”

The improvised weapons were used against the group of unarmed worshipers, “as other Antifa® members steal sound equipment, lawn chairs and wagons left across the lawn by families who had come to listen to the pastor speak.”

Projectiles start flying

As the anarchists yelled their Antifa® approved battle cry of “All cops are bleep-ards,” adding “in the name of Jesus” just to annoy the Christians, they descended on the innocent worshipers with their toddlers in tow, “throwing projectiles, including eggs.”

They also lobbed “a flash bomb into a group of kids who were out there,” one witness relates. When a “pastor had walked up to ask the group of demonstrators to stop,” he got pepper sprayed in the face. A woman “is seen attending the pastor’s eyes covered by an orange substance.”


That’s about when the Proud Boys arrived. Since the Portland Police have no idea what law and order even means anymore, somebody has to stand up for their defenseless neighbors when they get physically attacked.

According to the Portland Tribune, The Proud Boys rushed over to the worship event and clashed with the Antifa® members.” Portland Police Bureau spokesman Derek Carmon told local news, “no arrests were made and no one came forward to report any crimes that we are aware of.”

On the spot videographer Andy Ngo filmed the clashes “as they carried onto a nearby city street, and the alleged Proud Boys members, seen dressed in yellow and black garb, fired a paint ball gun at several Antifa® members.”

That’s when the squad car flashes it’s lights and siren while a Proud Boys member yells at the cop driving, “Do your job.” Since the police didn’t the Proud Boys did it for them. He also shared some screenshots confirming that the anarchists “threw the sound equipment into the Willamette River and stole sandwiches and water bottles belonging to the Christian group – before then giving them back out to the homeless.”

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