Alleged School Board Pervert Silences Parents Protest Of Sexually Explicit Books


A Georgia school board chairman who silenced a parent’s protest against raunchy, inappropriate books was investigated in 2019 for apparently doctoring and dispersing adult pictures of his next-door neighbors.

Inactiveness or indifference from school authorities towards sexual material offered to their kids in school libraries has actually stimulated parents throughout the nation into action, drawing them to voice issues at school board conferences. In Forsyth County, a group of concerned moms and dads have objected to library holdings they state consist of adult sexual material. At one March school board meeting, Alison Hair read from a book readily available at her child’s middle school, which provides specific descriptions of sexual foreplay.

This resulted in Forsyth County Board of Education chairman Wes McCall ordering Hair to leave the public comment session and banning her from going to future meetings. McCall previously made headlines in 2019 after two members of his homeowners’ association implicated him in photoshopping their faces onto adult images.

The Forsyth County sheriff’s office identified McCall became part of a group that shared the “graphic” images in a group text, Fox 5 Atlanta reported at the time. McCall was put on administrative leave, though Alpharetta City and Forsyth County authorities declined to charge him with criminal activity. He resigned as the city’s deputy director of public security however kept his school board seat.

McCall is the most recent school board member to find himself involved in controversy. Parents have actually gathered to school board meetings to object to coronavirus policies and the indoctrination of extreme racial and gender ideologies.

Hair chose to speak out to oppose the contents of Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit, a novel about teenage lesbians readily available in her child’s school. When she checked out a scene that referred to oral sex, she states McCall cut her off.

“I literally got to the word ‘blow job’ and got gaveled out,” Hair told the Washington Free Beacon. “If I can’t read it here, then why in this world is this in our libraries?”

Days later on, Hair got a letter from McCall notifying her that she would not be permitted to go to school board meetings till she agreed to abide by school board meeting procedures. A district spokesperson did not define to the Free Beacon which of the board’s procedures Hair broke.

The Beacon noted,

“According to the board policy available on the district’s website, speakers must refrain from using “profane, rude, defamatory” language during public comment time. “

McCall did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication. His associates, school board members Darla Light, Lindsey Adams, Tom Cleveland, and Kristin Morrissey, likewise did not react to requests for comment concerning the 2019 claims against McCall and his choice to stay on the school board after his investigation.

Hair informs the Free Beacon that kids as young as 11 years of age in Forsyth County schools have access to books that reference rape and incest and consist of specific descriptions of touching genital areas and breasts.

“These books are sexualizing our children,” Hair said. “They’re too young, and the books are setting expectations for sexual intimacy that are against how we are raising our children.”

Forsyth County Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Bearden in January eliminated 8 books from district libraries that parents stated contained sexually explicit material. A district spokesperson at the time stated that the matter is not about “censorship” but, rather, the district’s obligation to offer age-appropriate materials to students.

H/T The Washington Free Beacon

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