After Bombshell GA Hearing, Pallets of Pristine Ballots Are Seized and Shredded


Patrick Byrne, former CEO of has released a torrent of Tweets with video and images depicting pallet-loads of pristine, blank ballots being seized and transported in Enterprise rental trucks and unmarked white vans from Fulton County Georgia to be shredded. This occurred immediately after the bombshell Georgia hearing this week during which technical experts revealed the Georgia polling systems were hacked in real-time.


Byrne’s Revelation of the Ballots

Byrne revealed multiple images captured as well as corroborating video from Dec. 15th early on New Year’s Day and Twitter immediately applied a disputed tag to the entire thread. Byrnes has stated according to the Gateway Pundit “he has more video from this week where more ballots are being shipped out of a warehouse.”

Fulton County’s History of Shady Ballots

Twitter User @GSDMom77 replied to Byrne noting an interesting coincidence: in January of 2013 Secretary of State (Now Governor) Kemp cited Fulton County for “chronic problems” with elections, going as far back as 2008 and 09′ and fining the county $120,000 for destroying voter records.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in 2013, “The Secretary of State’s Office received 111 complaints about how Fulton managed the Nov. 6 presidential election, and Kemp has fast-tracked his office’s investigations in order to have the county in front of the State Election Board Jan. 31. Kemp has said that, because of Fulton’s chronic problems, he plans to seek legal authority from the state Legislature to intervene in a county’s botched elections process.”

“It was the latest in a string of failures during the past four years, including the mishandling of absentee ballots in 2008 and a $120,000 fine for tossing voter records into a trash bin in 2009.”

The Mainstream Media Pushback

It would appear that efforts to discredit Byrne began almost immediately with GPB News’ Stephen Fowler calling the ballots pictured “emergency backup paper ballots, which Georgia law requires counties to have in case the voting machines go down or some other problem occurs. They’re very real, and tracked if they are used.”

However, the suspicious circumstances surrounding the operation and the seriously questionable history of Fulton county’s illegal destruction of ballots and election records call all of this into question and indicate further scrutiny is necessary.

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