Zelensky Warns Ukraine Against… Exploding Corpses…

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky touted “slow but noticeable” gains in some areas of his attacked country, but alerted many threats lay ahead as he implicated Russian soldiers of booby-trapping deserted homes and dead bodies.

The leader relayed the updates during a YouTube address published on his office’s site early Saturday in Ukraine. He likewise utilized dark sarcasm to caution Ukrainians of “silly” April Fools’ Day jokes being perpetrated by Russia.

“This day, April 1, the occupiers decided to mark with two equally silly jokes. One such joke is about people in Russia,” he wrote on his office’s website early Saturday, explaining that the Russian army had actually begun drafting young soldiers to replenish the ranks of its depleted armed force.

“This year’s conscripts can be sent to war against our state, against our people. So, this is a guaranteed death for many very young guys,” Zelensky stated.

“We don’t need more dead people here. Save your children so that they do not become villains. Don’t send them to the army. Do whatever you can to keep them alive. At home.”

Zelensky likewise warned that Russia was attempting to poach troops from the annexed Crimea area, which he called a “war crime.” The president advised individuals of the challenged area not to follow orders and give up to Ukraine.

The second “joke” Russia supposedly played Friday was by selecting momentary leaders or “Gauleiters” in parts of southern Ukraine.

“Justice will be restored. Therefore, everyone who became a Gauleiter can already register somewhere in Rostov,”  he stated, describing a massive Russian cemetery.

“This is the last warning.”

Zelensky went on to share some encouraging news in the lengthy blog post, stating more than 6,266 Ukrainians were rescued in humanitarian corridors in 3 areas, with almost half of them freed from Mariupol, which had fallen under Russian control today.


The president also noted that the situation was improving in some areas of the nation, but stayed”exceptionally difficult” in locations near the Russian border, where intruders were fortifying their position.

“The occupiers are withdrawing forces in the north of our country. The withdrawal is slow but noticeable,” Zelensky said.

Zelensky prompted Ukrainians returning to their houses to be watchful, alerting that battles might continue and implicating Russians of mining tripwire on “houses, equipment, even the bodies of killed people.”

“Hard battles lie ahead. Now we cannot think that we have already passed all the tests. We all strive for victory. But when it comes everyone will see it. Everyone will feel that peace is coming.”

In his message, Zelensky continued to plead with NATO nations to step in and help them battle Russia. He renewed his plea for President Joe Biden to assist supply his military with Soviet-era warplanes throughout a Friday interview with

H/T The New York Post

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