With Impeachment Looming Overhead, Gov Whitmer Doubles Down With Full on Dictatorship

With Impeachment Looming Overhead, Gov Whitmer Doubles Down With Full on Dictatorship

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has doubled down with restrictions that smack of dictatorship, even with her impeachment looming overhead. Michigan State Representative, Matt Maddock told The Oakland Press,

“The things that she’s done are a long list of violations that many of us believe she has committed,”

Maddock took to twitter to make his case:

What are the new restrictions?

Whitmer’s calls for another round of draconian measures only adds fuel to the fire as Michiganders grow increasingly cynical of her. Whitmer said,

“As hard as those first months were for our state, these next few are going to be even harder,” “If we don’t take aggressive action right now, we could soon see 1,000 deaths per week here in Michigan.”

The new restrictions include another closing of high schools, colleges, indoor dining, casinos and movie theaters, which could sound the death knell for thousands of small businesses throughout The Great Lakes State.

How can Governor Whitmer do all of this?

Whitmer’s power to enact these measures was taken from a very loose reading of the Michigan Emergency Powers of the Governor Act of 1945 which according to the Daily Caller and Free Press was struck down by the MI Supreme Court in October. However, in spite of the 4-3 ruling,

“Whitmer has still been able to enforce a statewide mask mandate in crowded and indoor settings and capacities for bars and restaurants, relying on a Michigan Public Health Code,” The Free Press wrote.

It seems the only hope for battered Michiganders still reeling from the first lockdown is a hardy group of Republican legislators. Remember their names:

“Daire Rendon, Beau LaFave, Ryan Berman, Shane Hernandez, John Reilly, incoming legislators Ken Borton, Steve Carra Patrick Outman, Senators Dan Lauwers and  Lana Theis.”

Maddock laid out the case of impeachment simply and damningly in his Facebook Post:

“Michigan voters know she (Gov. Whitmer) has committed the following impeachable conduct:

  • Ignored court orders.
  • Violated our Constitutional rights.
  • Completely ignored due process and the legislature.
  • Weaponized contract tracing databases to aid democrat campaigns.
  • Using our kids as political pawns and denied special needs students who depend on the services that occur during in-person classes.
  • Caused the unnecessary death of thousands of our vulnerable elderly who died alone and scared in nursing homes.” (Formatting added)
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