White House Under INVESTIGATION… GOP SHOCK Announcement

Joe Biden

Republicans are not backing off the Biden family.

After a report broke this week that Hunter Biden had been sitting on White House meetings, Republicans want answers.

So much so, they are getting ready to open a formal inquiry.

What’s Going On?

That is pretty much the question that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) is asking the White House right now.

He recently wrote a letter to Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Jeffrey Zients, demanding answers.

Turner wrote, “According to news reporting, the President’s son’s sudden presence at official meetings has caused confusion for some White House staff, prompting a reaction of ‘What the hell is happening?’

“It is unclear what official meetings and phone calls Hunter Biden is participating in and in what capacity and whether these discussions include classified information.

“An immediate response is requested, please notify the Committee of the official meetings Hunter Biden is participating in, and if classified information is being disclosed now that Hunter Biden is allegedly taking meetings with the President.”

When the report first broke, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, tried to cut the rumors off, stating, “Hunter came back with him and walked with him into that meeting, that prep, that speech prep, and, you know, and he ended up spending time with his dad and his family that night.

“That is basically what happened.”

Rest assured, there is not a single person who believes that is the case.

The conflict of interest here is pretty easy to see, with Hunter Biden currently awaiting trial in one tax evasion case and already having been convicted on gun charges.

It is tough to explain how you can have Hunter Biden sitting across the table who is supposed to be running the prosecution of Hunter.

Or, is it possible the whole system is rigged?

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