Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Attempts to Ruin Jimmy Kimmel’s Career

As the entire medium of late night television continues to circle the drain ABC host Jimmy Kimmel has set the bar so very low that even the most talentless hack could potentially outperform him. Following the Biden White House’s bafflingly bad and yet simultaneously wildly radical non-State of The Union speech to a rump session of Congress, Kimmel during his monologue criticized Senator Tim Scott who delivered the GOP response to the speech. Sen. Scott defiantly told Americans that “America is NOT a racist country.”

Kimmel responded in shockingly un-funny fashion deriding the Senator as being the only Black Republican in the Senate, (whilst Democrats have two… wow.) he said,

“An amazing thing happened after the speech. Every black Republican senator got together to let the American people know the Republican party isn’t racist … and then Tim promptly returned to the sensory deprivation egg he calls home.

Sen. Scott accused Democrats, in his rebuttal, of using race as a weapon, when the truth is we’re more concerned about people using weapons as a weapon. Race would be a terrible weapon. What would you do, melanin a person to death?”

Kimmel Destroyed by Conservatives

The response to Kimmel from Conservative hosts and writers was fairly immediate and brutally harsh. For a man who once dressed in blackface “in a 1990s sketch to parody NBA player Karl Malone,” according to The Daily Caller, Jimmy is in a particularly poor position to establish what is and is not racist nor what could be considered weaponizing race. The Democrats have been weaponizing race since the (first) Civil War and would be the all-time national champions in that event.’

TheBlaze’s Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report hit the nail straight on the head with this one when he called Kimmel’s comments “a true indicator of the modern pernicious racism of the left,” adding that the late-night host’s views exemplify the “liberal, elite, modern, woke, progressive, racist view of the world.” What greater example of the “pernicious racism of the left”  can there be than the soft bigotry on low expectations that permeates the leftist vision of Black Americans?


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