WATCH: Antifa Gets the Ever Living Daylights Beat Out of Em By Large Crowd

Antifa Gets the Ever Living Daylights Beat Out of Em By Large Crowd of Nationalists [WATCH]

People are finally getting sick and tired of Antifa showing up and antagonizing people, and have decided to give these thugs the beat down that they deserve.

Peaceful marches and protests are the bedrock of a functioning society, and should be respected. Violent riots should be stopped immediately. No rational, sane person disagrees with those statements.

The problem with Antifa is that they are neither rational, nor sane. Not only do they choose to riot, they also choose to show up to peaceful events held by conservatives and start violence, or start screaming and causing a scene to the point where the event can no longer take place. The point of their antics is to prevent opposing viewpoints from being heard.

Unfortunately, it has gotten to a point where conservatives have had enough. In this case, even though the Antifa leftists were not the ones to start the violence, they definitely started the conflict.

During a nationalist conference in France promoting the presidential candidacy of populist candidate Eric Zemmour, Antifa lunatics decided to stand up with shirts spelling “No to racism” and begin chanting to try to drown out the speakers. What they didn’t foresee was the fact that the crowd was full of nationalists that were sick and tired of Antifa’s antics, and were ready and willing to give them the beat down they clearly deserved.

Chairs were thrown at them from the crowd, and they were soon beaten and chased from the building.


Here it is from another angle:

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