Wal-Mart Fired Security Guard Who was Shot by a Shoplifter and Then Takes it a Step Further

Walmart Fires Security Guard Who was Shot by a Shoplifter, Then Takes it a Step Further

A Walmart security guard who was shot by a shoplifter had just finished recovering from his injuries when the company decided to fire him. Apparently, taking away his livelihood wasn’t enough for the corporation. Soon after firing the security guard, Walmart decided to deny his unemployment benefits.

Brad Scurry had simply been trying to talk to the shoplifter, who chose to respond with a gun, shooting Scurry and sending him to the hospital. The bullet entered through his arm, going into his chest, and sending fragments into multiple organs. Scurry was rushed into emergency surgery, and spent almost a year in recovery before returning to work at Walmart in East Point, Georgia.

Upon returning to work, things were already feeling off. Scurry says that a manager accused him of not following company protocol when he was shot.

Later that day, he was fired after telling a protester who was antagonizing him outside of the store to “shut up.”

Scurry has since admitted that his actions were not proper conduct, taking full responsibility, but says that he doesn’t think that it was a fireable offense.

He filed for unemployment, and received a letter estimating what he could have received based on his wages unless it was contested by his employer. He then received a letter denying his unemployment claim.

Now, without a job and without unemployment benefits, he is facing eviction. Despite having his medical bills paid through worker’s compensation and receiving $17,000 making up for lost wages, he still needs steady work to make ends meet.

“I was there protecting Walmart’s interest,” Scurry said. “Disposable, that’s not something anyone wants to feel. I did everything above and beyond what I could do for you and you return my commitment with the bare minimum.”

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