VIDEO: Trump Jr Exposes Joe Biden’s Lies

Trump Jr Exposes Joe Biden's Lies

Donald Trump Jr. exposed Joe Biden’s lies about Afghanistan in a video posted to Rumble, a free-speech alternative to YouTube.

The son of former President Donald Trump shared the video on Twitter, writing: “My thoughts on Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of Afghanistan.”

“Today we’re going to talk about Joe Biden and his abject failure in Afghanistan, the absolute disgrace of a withdrawal, his total inability to take responsibility for the actions that he had while trying to deflect and blame everyone else,” Trump Jr. began.

“Remember, according to Joe Biden, the buck stops with Joe Biden,” he added.

Trump Jr. then played a clip of Biden stating: “I am president of the United States of America, and the buck stops with me.”

Of course, that was yet another lie told by Biden. But the mainstream media won’t admit that. Instead they are covering for him.

“But everyone else was at fault except for Joe Biden,” Trump Jr. said. “We’re gonna tell you why that’s all a lie, so watch this, because this is the stuff I’m sure the media won’t tell you.”

Trump Jr. then discussed the lies told by America’s “foreign policy elites” about Afghanistan and the war.

“Our foreign policy elites have lied to us for 20 years,” he said. “They have lied to us about the progress they were supposedly making, they lied to us about the training of the Afghan security forces, and they totally botched this withdrawal. We should have been out of Afghanistan a decade ago, after we killed Osama Bin Laden… We should have made the point, then gotten out.”

“The lesson of Biden’s disaster is not that we should stay in Afghanistan forever — we shouldn’t — we should have left decades ago,” Trump Jr. continued. “And most importantly: nation-building doesn’t work. But, the rich industrial military complex in America, they made themselves super rich. These generals got on board seats for continuing the war… You can see that they’re incompetent, you can see that they haven’t been right about this in 20 years. They had 20 years to get a plan to get out, and they still screwed it up royally. We spent about a trillion dollars in Afghanistan, 88 billion training their military to be able to take over, and the Taliban ran them over without a fight in a matter of seconds.”

Watch the whole video here:

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