UPS Man Saw A Note On Package That Changed Everything…


I have to admit, I mulled over the thought once or twice in my life of being a UPS driver. Mostly in my younger days when I lived in a slightly cooler climate.

As much as I appreciate the service that the men and women of UPS provide, now I wouldn’t do the job no matter how much I was paid.

A lot of it comes from when I would watch neighbors I had living next door to us a few years ago verbally rip a UPS driver to absolute ribbons because there was something wrong with the items in the package they were getting.

The problem was, the driver had probably not even laid hands on the package until the moment he walked it up to the door.

All I am saying is that anyone that is coming up to your house in the execution of their job, be as nice to them as you can…they know where you live.

Seriously though, sometimes they are the people that can come through for you when you least suspect it.

Once I was on the roof of my house cleaning some debris off following a really bad storm and somehow my ladder fell over when I was standing on the roof.

It was either wait until my son got home, or jump for it. I am sure that my broken ankle that I would have gotten probably wouldn’t have felt nice.

Anyway, a UPS driver happens to come to drop something off at the exact same time. The guy grabbed my ladder and I didn’t break my ankle.

Which brings me to the story of an absolute monster named James Jordan. James was holding his wife and three year old child captive in their house.

All kinds of unspeakable things were being done to that poor woman.

Finally, one day a package needed to be sent out and for whatever reason James Jordan had the UPS driver pick it up from his house.

He held his wife at gunpoint while she handed him the package. What he didn’t know is that the wife scribbled a “contact 911” message on one of the boxes they were sending out.

The authorities were called and is facing a litany of charges that will hopefully keep him locked up for a long time.

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