U.S. Marshals Make Huge Stride in Making American Children Safe Again


High School teacher Elizabeth Vigil, also known as Elizabeth Kaul age 32 has been arrested by US Marshals and is facing 23 felony charges including 12 felony counts of criminal sexual contact, eight felony counts of criminal sexual penetration of a minor, and three felony counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor in Farmington, New Mexico. Her victim was a 15-year-old girl, a freshman in one of her classes. The near-daily sexual abuse at Vigil’s hands allegedly took place over the course of a year according to the victim and took place at Aztec High School and a nearby park very near to other children. By putting this predator behind bars, the Marshals have taken a crucial step in making the children of the Farmington area safe.

A Crisis of Children Being Sexually Abused

Aztec High School has had a difficult history with sexual exploitation of children, Vigil or Kaul is the third teacher accused in recent memory with Jame Coulter pleading guilty to a felony count of criminal sexual content in 2019 for his abuse of a student in 2015 and another educator’s name was cleared. The School was also the site of a school shooting in 2017.

The Albuquerque Journal reported that according to Elizabeth’s arrest warrant,

“On April 5, an Aztec Police officer was contacted after a therapist reported her cliading guilty to a single felony count in 2019ent was abused by a teacher when she was 15-years-old, between April and December 2017. A principal at Aztec High School told police the school was aware of an incident between Vigil and the girl but “nothing was sexual in nature” and they moved the girl to another class.

On April 16, police met with the girl who told them the abuse began after she was moved to another classroom. The girl said Vigil told the girl she was attracted to her and asked if she “would want to do sexual things.”

The girl told police Vigil began to assault her “almost every day” when they were alone at the school. At one point, the girl said she told Vigil she wanted to stop and Vigil told her she was in love with her and would kill herself if she left.

The girl told police she was scared Vigil was suicidal and continued seeing her into summer break. She said the abuse continued into the next schoo l year and Vigil began to talk about a future and the two getting married.”

The teenager told investigators that she began to feel Vigil was lying to her, manipulating and emotionally blackmailing her. After one final instance of abuse, they never saw each other again. She suffered five “breakdowns” during this time according to her affidavit.

Aztec Superintendent Kevin Summers said in a statement the Aztec Municipal School District is unable to directly comment on the case according to the Farmington Daily Times.

“As an organization, (Aztec Municipal Schools) first priority is the safety of our students and community,” Summers said in a statement. “To this end, (Aztec Municipal Schools) has committed to full cooperation with State and Local authorities and has been engaged in conversations with the New Mexico Public Education Department’s Professional Licensure Bureau.”


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