Top Border Agents Lined Up to Testify Against Biden


Seven top CPB agents are being lined up for detailed interviews about “Biden’s border crisis” by the House Oversight Committee. One from each sector is being invited to provide insight on the special needs of their individual situation. Chairman James Comer sent out the invitations on Monday.

Biden’s border crisis

James Comer and the House Oversight Committee he chairs understand that there’s no “one size fits all” way of solving Joe Biden’s border crisis. They learned from the first round of CBP testimony that one section of the line can have radically different challenges from the sector right next door.

That’s why they’re inviting a top agent from each sector to explain how they are “grappling” with the challenges.

A series of deposition-like “transcribed interviews” will be conducted. To make it easy on overworked federal officials the agents won’t even need to leave their border stations.

Comer spelled it all out in his letter to the head of CBP dated Monday, February 27. Comer notes that the idea springs from what the agents leading the Tucson and Rio Grande Valley sectors had to tell them.

At the first of their oversight hearings on the subject, held February 7, the agents “testified about a crisis that has set records for the arrests of illegal border crossers, migrant deaths, narcotics seized, and suspected terrorists arrested trying to illegally cross the border.

He had a heck of a time getting them on the stand because Alejandro Mayorkas threw a fit and “tried to prevent the four Chief Patrol Agents invited by the Committee from testifying.” The two who did come in “provided candid testimony, but understandably confined their statements and responses to the circumstances of their respective sectors and the unique challenges they confront in those sectors.

uniqueness of each sector

The committee realized that the “uniqueness of each sector demonstrates a need for the Committee to obtain additional information regarding other sectors on the southern border. As one witness emphasized, ‘if you’ve seen one Border Patrol sector, you have only seen one Border Patrol sector.’

Joe Biden only got a sanitized view of El Paso. That let him go back to his bowl of ice cream with confidence that his illusion of a secure border can be healed by the spin doctors.

One of the witnesses testified that Border Patrol agents have valuable information and experience to guide lawmakers in search of legislative solutions,” Comer pointed out. That’s important.

This isn’t a criminal investigation out to have corrupt officials thrown in the slammer. That won’t come for a long time yet. This is an attempt to get a handle on an out of control crisis and figure out what’s the best solution for national security.

The Committee believes Chief Patrol Agents managing other sectors have additional, valuable information that will assist the Committee in fully understanding the crisis at the southern border.” They don’t include any deadlines in the “request” letter. Because CPB is cooperating, they don’t need to start throwing down subpoenas.

Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas are steamed they both got hit with those already. Garland was smart enough not to resist too hard and has already confirmed he’ll show up for his interrogation. That doesn’t mean he’ll say much other than “I’m not sure, I don’t recall, I need more information, and I’ll get back to you on that.” It’s doubtful that he’ll resort to the Fifth Amendment, yet. It might come to that soon, though.

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