Top Biden Ally FLIP-FLOPS… They Finally Get It!

Joe Biden collapsing

The New York Times appears to be in apology mode.

A slew of articles were published on Thursday admitting that they were wrong on numerous significant issues over the last few years.

Among those topics… Inflation, Trump voters, capitalism, and censorship.

Sorry About That…

The problem with a paper like the New York Times is that “opinion” pieces are often treated as fact.

When, in reality, their pieces are no different from what you read here when I am going off on a rant.

The difference seems to be that I take a bit more time to make an educated guess than most NYT writers, apparently…

Among the key issues was inflation, which was something, honestly, I was predicting before Biden even became president.

I stated numerous times that the market would crash below 30,000 (it did), inflation would soar (it did), immigration would be out of control (it is), and a recession was likely (it is).

These writers have far more influence than some random political blogger, however, and far too many people believe them.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman was among those eating crow, his issue being inflation.

He wrongly stated that “nobody saw this coming.” Maybe nobody on the left, but the right was blowing this up all along.

He, in part, stated, “Well, partly it’s that there is stuff that … that nobody saw coming.

“Nobody saw Putin invading Ukraine. I think nobody really thought about logistic supply chains or any of that stuff until suddenly it became a big problem.”

Shockingly, CNN’s Van Jones also admitted that things are not going well regarding how much hope the black community came out to support Joe Biden had and got screwed…

Let me steal a line from Donald Trump during his campaign… vote Republican… what do you really have to lose?

Sources: Breitbart & Daily Caller

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