This Special Forces Vet Has Come Forward with a Grave Warning and ‘Call to Arms’


Special Forces veteran Jim Hanson has a stark warning for conservatives. If you don’t wake up, you’ll end up getting “woke.” A “second civil war is here and Americans need to arm themselves.” He’s not talking about the Second Amendment right to arm bears, he wants you to exercise your First Amendment right to speak freely and bombard the liberal left with the TRUTH.

Urgent warning to the right

Not only is Hanson a former special forces soldier, he’s considered a national security expert and they made him president of the Security Studies Group. They’re one of those beltway think-tanks “focused on counterterrorism and national security policy.”

He’s out on the circuit trying to peddle some books to keep bullets in his holster with a dire warning of critical race nightmares to come. He wants you to shell out some of your stimulus money on “Winning the Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot.” He’s sounding a “figurative call to arms” but he’s after the Boogaloo boys as much as Antifa┬« and is out to “fight the extremes on both the political left and right.”

The only chance conservatives have to win the brewing “second civil war” without actually shooting anybody is to do it with united voices. “For me, the book is a figurative call to arms because while I think there is a fairly serious conflict going on between the political left and right, and on the extremes of both of those parts of the spectrum, I want to make sure that that doesn’t escalate.”

Instead, Hanson wants to “motivate and give some ways for people of the right to get involved in some areas where we historically haven’t.” You better heed the warning now, he asserts.

The right only has themselves to blame for the liberal nonsense which pervades America, especially “education, permanent government and culture.” The right has been edged out of all those institutions.

Because conservatives abandoned their guard posts, “the left has dominated those areas and, consequently, you know, the woke agenda is running rampant throughout the country.” That’s why he is sounding the warning cry. The brainwashing is “an actual existential danger to the long-term health of the republic.”

All Obama’s fault

According to Hanson, this whole critical race theory, 1692 Project propaganda machine “began with the election of former President Barack Obama.” Half the country still refuse to acknowledge he had the right to occupy the oval office but occupy it he did. Just like one of the socialist squatters in Zuccotti Park.

“He took the activist Left and stoked the fires of grievance. Then he launched them against the country demanding not just change, but a fundamental transformation of America.” The warning is grim. Buy his book or the liberals will cover the Earth.

Obama was a traitor but he had the entire Federal Bureau of Instigation to do his dirty work, so managed to get away with anything he wanted. Hanson wants to give his readers “the tools they need to fight back.”

He’s not passing out hammers. “One of the things I do in the book is give people kind of the better arguments for opposing some of the woke agenda.” Anyone who heeds his warning and buys his book will be magically protected with the armor of truth and logic.

Hanson doesn’t get upset when “someone says there are more blacks in prison than their percentage of the population.” He’s warning the rest of America they need to have some snappy answers ready.

“How do you counter that argument? And how are you going to be prepared, then, for inevitably being called a racist and those kind of things?” He wants people to “band together with good answers, with smart, informed, you know, engaging arguments and attracting more people to our cause.” Without a doubt, he declares, “the silent majority can’t afford to be silent anymore. There is no safe place or safe space for conservatives on the sidelines.”

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