Sheriffs Chilling Message to Citizens ‘Arm Yourselves’


“Arm yourselves.” says Bill Leeper, one of Florida’s no-nonsense, tough on crime Sheriffs. They have a few. He sent a chilling message to local citizens on Sunday. They have a really dangerous nutjob running around loose and it isn’t Brian Laundrie. If either of them, or any other criminal for that matter, breaks into your home, the Sheriff would like to see good gun control. In the form of nice tight groupings as you blow the bleepard down the driveway.

Arm and stay vigilant

The citizens of Nassau County, Florida take their Second Amendment rights seriously. That’s why Sheriff Bill Leeper didn’t hesitate to advise residents of his jurisdiction to be highly vigilant and arm themselves.

“Be on the lookout,” he warns, for Patrick Rene McDowell. Not only is the fugitive suspected of killing a deputy, he’s a “rabid animal.” Deputy Josh Moyers was shot in the face during a traffic stop. Then in the back.

At a press conference Sunday, September 26, Leeper announced if “you’re in a home and he breaks into your home and you have a gun, blow him out the door ’cause he’s like a rabid animal. He will kill you with his mindset.”

The ability think you dead really is dangerous but what the sheriff probably meant is that the killer simply doesn’t care about human life, so it’s you or him until the cops get there. Arm your family well and be prepared. “What he did to that deputy, was uncalled for, unnecessary and he needs to pay for it.”

On Friday, 29-year-old Deputy Moyers was brutally ambushed but he didn’t succumb to the injuries until Sunday. That was the primary reason for the Sheriff’s arm yourself order.

“It is with great sadness that I announce Deputy Josh Moyers has passed away this afternoon,” Leeper informed. “Please keep Josh’s family and fiancé in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate this terrible tragedy.”

Massive manhunt underway

The “massive manhunt” for Patrick McDowell is still going strong and taking resources away from dragging the swamp for Brian Laundrie. “We now have a murderer on the loose in our community,” The Sheriff declared. It’s easy to see how he feels about people who shield wanted criminals because they happen to be family or friends.

Not only should every citizen arm themselves, they should watch the neighborhood for suspicious activity. “When more law enforcement agencies were called in for aerial and ground searches, McDowell allegedly shot a police canine, who is expected to survive.”

“If we find out anybody has helped him or is going to help him, do not do that. If we find out you’ve helped this guy, we’re going to arrest you. We’re going to arrest you. We’re going to arrest you for preventing us from capturing him,” Sheriff Leeper promises.

He’s not making the whole county into a posse, but if you arm yourself you’ll be ready to meet the killer properly. Also “$54,000 in rewards are being offered by donors” for information leading to his arrest.

You need to arm yourself because police can’t be everywhere. The stop started out normally as the officer made initial contact. He went back to his cruiser and learned the name the driver with no license had given him was a fake.

As soon as Deputy Moyers approached the Chrysler minivan on the return, McDowell shot him “just under his right eye.”

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