She Was Brutally ATTACKED…Out of Control

Bison Cafe
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

A coffee shop owner in Portland, OR, thought she was doing the right thing.

She was hosting a community event called “Coffee with a Cop.”

The liberal horde did not appreciate it, and they ended up trashing her business.

Out of Control

Situation such as this are exactly why a GOP candidate is now leading the gubernatorial race in Oregon, a city that has not had a Republican governor since 1987.

Loretta Guzman, the owner of Bison Coffeehouse, had her business trashed by people that apparently did not approve of the event.

Keep in mind, she was doing this event because the people that actually live in the area wanted her to host it.

Guzman stated, “I quit looking at it. People I know in the community were like, ‘thank you,’ and [asking] ‘will you please do this?’ And I was like, yes.

“And then I woke up to my neighbor calling me and letting me know, hey, all your windows are busted out.”

Mayor Ted Wheeler, who once turned the city over to ANTIFA, has vowed to prosecute whoever did this to the fullest extent of the law.

Wheeler has had a come-to-Jesus moment over ANTIFA and finally realized that you cannot allow thugs to run rampant around the city.

The damage was done, however, as the horde is as emboldened as ever and like many other cities, his city struggles to keep cops on its force.

Source: Fox news

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