Karen Pulls Gun, Shoots Maskless Customer Then Shoots Self

I have no idea what brought Sonia Loga to her breaking point, but the result of that was horrifying.

When her husband left for work, nothing was out of the ordinary.

When he returned home, his children and wife were dead… at her hands.

Horrifying Discovery

While nothing was odd when Pedro Panjon left for work, his life was about to change for the worse by the end of the day.

Loga, who operated an illegal daycare center at their home, had called all of her clients and told them not to come on the fateful day.

She then allegedly proceeded to suffocate her three children and take her own life by hanging.

The three children were ages 12, 10, and 5.

She obviously could not kill all three of them at once, so we can only imagine the horrifying last moments of these children’s lives as she killed them one by one.

The family was discovered by the father, who had only moments before called the Danbury Police to do a welfare check on her.

He had tried to call her to no avail, became worried, called the police, then rushed home.

He beat the police there, collapsing outside the home after calling 9-1-1 after discovering his entire family dead.

Events like this shake the entire community, of which local officials are quite aware.

Mayor Dean Esposito stated, “In the coming days, mental health and counseling services will be provided through collaboration with the Danbury Public Schools and the City of Danbury.

“Our community grieves for the innocent lives taken from us.

“We will get through this together.”

I don’t know how anyone in that community will recover from this .

Source: New York Post

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