Second Amendment Support BOOMING After 57,000 Businesses…

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I grew up around guns, and I grew up respecting the Second Amendment.

I was never one of those kids that actually played with toy guns as a child, my father strictly forbade it.

His thought was that guns were supposed to be tools for a purpose and that you should never play with your tools.

Heck, they used to have shooting sports in gym class when I went to school, and the first two days of deer season where school holidays.

Where I came from, we respected guns. We didn’t become scared of them like most of liberal America these days.

Wheenver they see someone with a gun on their hip, they want to wilt and collapse to the ground.

They don’t understand how silly an idea this is, especially if you accept the notion that a gun is at the end of the day a tool.

I mean, really…how ignorant would it look if someone protested outside a Home Depot because they sold screwdrivers?

That’s basically how things are. Thankfully though, there are folks in this country that have finally decided to fight back against these repeated attempts to curb our rights under the Second Amendment.

There are been a groundswell of support for the Second Amendment recently by good hardworking Americans.

Proud business owners. People that you probably exchange money with on a daily or weekly basis.

In recent weeks and months, over fifty seven thousand of the exact same sign have been popping up in windows of businesses all over the country.

This is something that warms my heart because there are so many places where for one reason or another gun owners are not welcome.

Where we are looked at like a common criminal when all we want to do is get our newspaper and our coffee and go on with the rest of our day.

It’s good to have signs like this up in businesses all over the country because it shows supporters of the Second Amendment that if they walk in somewhere to engage in an idle purchase that they are not going to suddenly be accosted by some liberal nutjob.

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