RINOs Decide to STOP Thinking for Themselves


Republican In Name Only RINOs have come to the conclusion that there’s no need to “rethink” the Republican platform in the wake of Donald Trump’s deplorable disruption. They decided not to even think at all.

RINOs in mass migration mode

The RINOs in national government are having a lemming-like stampede to the blue side of the aisle. As New York Intelligencer points out, “you can already see the internal Republican tension abating as they pull together in opposition.”

Trump and his blatant nationalism are in the past and “now they face new dangers.” The time for thinking is over. They will simply cave in to the globalist New World Order and get it over with.

For years, everyone knew that Jeff Flake was nothing but a Democrat sleeper cell. Mitt Romney is just as bad. Now Senator Mitch McConnell is out of the closet and Republicans are threatening to yank Liz Chaney’s leadership gig while Adam Kinzinger faces censure.

This group is so blatantly progressive that they’re beyond being called RINOs. They might as well sign their paperwork over to Democrat now and make it official.

There are still a handful of constitution supporting Republicans who hold solid to the core party principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and enforcement of the laws already on the books.

These individuals are banding together for one last Alamo like stand, hoping to rebuild the party one splinter of a plank at a time, against all odds. They aren’t ready to jump ship and abandon the party altogether in favor of a new one. The rest are renegade RINOs, and they’re about to cull the GOP by jumping off a political cliff.

A raging internal war

Now that Mitch McConnell came out and showed his true rainbow colors, the Republican party “likely will face a raging internal war over policies and political leaders.” At least, that’s what Jim VandeHei thinks. “Do not underestimate how divided and confused their party is right now,” agrees David Brooks, “Do not underestimate how much Republicans trust Biden personally.”

The RINOs have all been exposed during the past month. Every Senator and House member had a chance to support or denounce the Constitution. Now everybody knows where they really stand. Not many really backed the so called “Republican” principles to stand up for the Republic. Instead they sold out to bread and circuses mob rule Democracy.

The only chance to save what’s left to salvage from the Republican party is for the core of Constitution loving conservatives to rally together and banish the renegade turncoat traitors.

The last thing America needs is RINOs. We all know how these politicians vote and we know where they stand. If they want to believe in liberal principles, that’s fine. Do it from the blue side of the aisle. Don’t let everyone believe that you stand for law and order when you really support defunding the police.

For many years, the RINOs have been the secret weapon of George Soros and the globalist New World Order. By acting like respectable Republicans, they blocked anything that the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers didn’t like.

Everybody played the game while psychologists created common core education to dumb the masses down to where they can’t even read the Constitution, much less understand it. Those who communicate with smiley faces and hearts don’t question authority.

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