RINO Breaks from Party and Constituents With Latest Action


Just when you thought no Senator could ever anger their constituents or disregard their states needs like John McCain or Jeff Flake could, here comes Murkowski! The ‘moderate’ RINO who only stays in the Senate thanks to a ranked choice open Primary struck again this week by voting against EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN confirming Biden-Harris nominee for Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta.

What’s Wrong With Vanita Gupta?

(And Why Would Murkowski Blow Off Her Constituents for Her?)

  • Gupta vocally supports BLM tweetingGlad to be here with my son. Needed this energy right now. Powerful, righteous, multiracial, focused. #BlackLivesMatter” on Jul 6th 2020.
  • On the occasion of the Biden inauguration Gupta celebrated tweeting, “To all who worked everyday this election season to protect voter access, protect the count, and protect the decision of voters, thank you. You are election workers, officials, lawyers, activists, organizers. You are democracy workers and patriots.”
  • Senator Tom Cotton accused Gupta of supporting “decriminalization of all drugs” and claimed that she “misled” the committee on this point, based on a 2012 op-ed in which she argued that states “should decriminalize simple possession of all drugs, particularly marijuana, and for small amounts of other drugs.”
  • Senator Chuck Grassley expressed concern that Gupta’s “Twitter feed has painted Republicans with a broad brush, describing the Republican National Convention as three nights of ‘racism, xenophobia and outrageous lies,’”
    • Gupta replied “I regret the harsh rhetoric that I have used in the past at times in the last several years,” Gupta said. “I wish I could take it back.”
    • Senator Mike Lee pointed out the Hypocrisy that she had argued the Senate should reject an apology from a Trump judicial nominee who had written ‘racially insensitive’ remarks in in college. He told Gupta, ““You told him that his apology was too late and too self-interested,” Lee said. “Is that something that we ought to apply to you?”
  • Gupta refuted Vice President Pence’s ability to provide a 10-Day window to vett the electoral college votes as suggested by Peter Navarro. Tweeting flippantly “Uh, nope.”
  • Supports Democrats efforts to destroy and rewrite our state electoral laws through HR1, tweeted “Fantastic news. Congress needs to pass HR1 which would create a federal AVR, among other voting rights reforms. The states are leading the way.” on 12/22/20
  • Vanita Gupta expressed open hostility to investigation of credible allegations of 2020 electoral fraud tweeting “Prediction: some USAs will soon have press conferences saying they will investigate voter fraud. EDPA will be among them. Aim: to undermine confidence in outcome with Trump voters and ultimately a Biden administration. Stoking division, polarization & lies are the long game too” on 11/9/2020

Senator Murkowski has claimed that in spite of the overwhelmingly troubling facts her Senate GOP colleagues presented, her single sit down with Gupta to discuss her stances on domestic violence and sexual assault, particularly against Native women overrode it all saying “I felt that I was speaking to a woman who had not only committed her professional life to try to get the base of these injustices, to try to not just direct a little bit of money, put a program in place, and walk away and call it a day,” Murkowski said, “But to try to truly make a difference.”

She also noted she was impressed with “the passion that [the nominee] carries with her with the work that she performs” and said Gupta is “deeply committed to matters of justice.” She must’ve meant Gupta’s passion and hard work to subvert the Republic and her committment to social justice. Luckily Murkowski’s constituents in Alaska have a better choice for their next election in Alaska’s Kelly Tshibaka who is coming at her hard, as President Trump’s CPAC committment to oust every RINO rolls forward.




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