REPORT: We Could Have Stopped Them


One anonymous officer was so startled by a sudden policy decision that he went public to report his tale. “We could have stopped them,” he insists. America wants to know why they didn’t. Last Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol Building is looking more and more like an inside job every day. Now there are hints of psychological warfare department involvement. Ever since the suspiciously staged event occurred, Americans have been wondering how the barbarians penetrated security so easily, how they seemed to know right where to go, and why there aren’t many security guards in all the images deluging social media.

A startling report

Business Insider was the first to report that an anonymous security officer “was working the night shift last week and found it ‘puzzling‘ that he and his colleagues were sent home earlier than expected on Wednesday. He also said nobody asked him to come back after the attack happened.” Curiouser and Curiouser, said Alice.

He was all set to “pull an extra shift,” and “said everybody in the department knew in advance that the Trump march was going to take place, and thought it would be an all-hands-on-deck situation.” It should have been but wasn’t.

The guard was all set for the duration. He came on duty the night before, fully armed with “a backpack full of coffee and protein bars, expecting to work into the afternoon after his regular shift ended at 7 a.m.”

When he was told to report home, he almost fell over. “Naively, I thought, well, they must know something that we don’t.” Apparently, “they” did and wanted it to happen. “I trusted that they knew what they were doing by letting us go home.”

When his wife woke him up to report the barbarian breach on TV, he thought his phone wasn’t working. He was stunned to find out that it was, but he wasn’t. He “checked his phone, expecting to find a bunch of missed calls asking him to come into work, but was shocked to find none at all.” His superiors “didn’t even try to recall us.” Capitol Hill police chief Steven Sund has already resigned.

He admits he blew it. “Lack of man power caused the entire freaking disaster. We just didn’t have the numbers,” Sund admits. “If we had every hand on deck and accepted outside help, I do believe we could have stopped them from getting in.” He did his part for the Deep State and now he’s falling on his sword to take all the responsibility. No need to look any further into deep dark corners because the public is sure to find something even more disturbing. They already have.

Psychological warfare officer connection

Just when the barbarian raid on the Capitol couldn’t look much spookier, it suddenly does. The New York Post published a report Tuesday that “an Army psychological warfare officer is being investigated for busing people more than 300 miles to attend the Trump rally that turned into deadly riots at the Capitol, Army officials have confirmed.”

She’s attached to the 4th Psychological Operations Group at Fort Bragg. “Known as PSYOPS, the group uses information and misinformation to shape the emotions, decision-making and actions of American adversaries.” Hmmm.

Captain Emily Rainey admitted to the Associated Press that “she led more than 100 people to Washington, DC, on Wednesday as part of a North Carolina protest group she heads called Moore County Citizens for Freedom.” Back at Fort Bragg, her commanders report “reviewing her involvement in the rally.”

The 30-year-old officer maintains “I was a private citizen and doing everything right and within my rights. I told my bosses before I went that I was going, and I told them when I got back.” What America wants to know is what she was really up to when she was there and what she set up ahead of the rally, in her “spare” time away from planning deep state operations.

Things get even more interesting when the AP added to their report that “CBS News claimed that she had actually already handed in her resignation over her involvement at an earlier protest in the Fort Bragg area. It was not clear when the protest was nor what part she is said to have played.”

She claims she quit “after getting a career-ending letter of reprimand but was still listed as on active duty because the process to consider her resignation takes time.” So, that means, she was also a “disgruntled” deep state psychological warfare operations planner.

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