Bloody Photos Begin to Emerge from Joe Biden’s Shameful Disaster

Afghanistan was the big story for most of the first year of Joe Biden’s administration.

It was the beginning of the downfall of Joe.

According to recent reports, it is about to come back to haunt the administration, but probably not until after the election.

Bury It

The initial assessment of the Afghanistan withdrawal was ready in March.

Biden’s people did not like what they saw, so they sent it back for a rewrite.

Not only that, they wanted the report to go back to the last 18 months we had troops in Afghanistan and break it down from there.

Now, that sounds to me like they are hoping to get the narrative changed to put the majority of the blame on the Trump administration.

Additionally, the administration is obviously trying to keep the release of this report delayed as much as possible so it does not impact mid-term elections.

You see, Afghanistan is in the rearview mirror now.

Most people have already forgotten that this administration abandoned thousands of Americans behind enemy lines.

They have forgotten about the billions of dollars of equipment and supplies they left for the Taliban.

They have forgotten about the 13 troops that senselessly lost their lives because of Joe Biden.

When this report is released, even if they somehow manage to point the finger at Trump, it will bring all that flooding back, something Biden cannot afford to have happen right now.

Source: Daily Caller

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