Pentagon DISOBEYS Order…

Details Emerge on What Happened at the Pentagon

COVID mandates were supposed to have been lifted for our military.

Apparently that does not apply to military academies.

It has been reported that some mandates are still in place at West Point.

Never Lifted

When COVID first hit, any sort of travel, including to sporting events and such, was prohibited for cadets.

Once we had a vaccine, that order was lifted for those that took the jab, but not for the unvaccinated.

There were reports that last semester, that order had been lifted, but that is apparently not the case.

When the U.S. Military Academy Office of Public Affairs and Communications was asked about the order, the usual word salad was served up.

However, that wording leads us to believe the order had never been pulled.

The office stated, “The U.S. Military Academy at West Point continues to follow Department of Defense’s guidance regarding unvaccinated service members.

“U.S. Army policy states unvaccinated service members are not eligible for official travel without prior approval from the Under Secretary of the Army.

“Until the policy is rescinded, West Point will continue to follow it.”

I think it is about time that someone in the House gets Secretary Austin in the hot seat.

Source: Fox News

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