Pentagon About to CAVE… This is HUGE!

Pentagon on LOCKDOWN, Shots Fired

It looks like the Pentagon is finally wising up that it screwed up over the forced vaccine mandate.

With recruitment way down, the Pentagon is considering calling back all the troops that were separated.

This may be done with back pay.

Bring Them Back

Nobody here is arguing that when you go into the service, you take orders and you follow them.

The question is what you do when that order needlessly puts you in harm’s way in a non-combat situation.

Order the soldiers to take a hill, you will not hear an argument from me.

Order them to take what amounted to be an experimental vaccine, well, I have a problem with that.

To that point, the military is now apparently willing to admit that it was wrong.

Pentagon spokesperson Major Charlie Dietz stated, “All Service members and Veterans may apply at any time to the appropriate Discharge Review Board or Board for Correction for Military/Naval Records if they believe that there is an error or injustice in their records-to include those that were separated by the vaccine mandate.

“Regarding back pay, the Department is still exploring this and will provide its views on legislation of this nature at the appropriate time and through the appropriate process.”

Republicans in the House are already working on legislation to have these service members brought back, with full pay, or to have the option of having their discharge upgraded to honorable.

Source: Fox News

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