Palestinian Terrorists are in for a ‘Big Surprise’ from Israeli Forces [Details]


 The situation in Israel is rapidly deteriorating as the Israeli Defense Force retaliates against Palestinian Hamas Terrorists who have launched 1,600 rockets from the Gaza strip into Tel Aviv at civilian targets. IDF aircraft inflicted targeted strikes on 300 targets which have reportedly decimated Hamas leadership. The IDF bombings have leveled the Al-Sharouk building a 14 story tower in Gaza City which housed the Gaza bureau of the Al-Aqsa television channel.


According to the Associated Press,

“Gaza’s Health Ministry said the death toll rose to 69 Palestinians, including 16 children and six women. Islamic Jihad confirmed the deaths of seven militants, while Hamas acknowledged that a top commander and several other members were killed.”

Seven Israelis including a soldier struck by an anti-tank missile and a six-year old child hit by a rocket were killed in the cowardly surprise attack that shattered the detente secured through the efforts of the Trump administration. The Israeli’s retaliation has been swift and severe. With UN observers warning that the conflict could quicky escalate into ‘full-scale war’ at any moment. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has  threatened to “inflict blows that Hamas has not dreamed of.”

The Violence Is Spreading As Israeli Forces Strike Back

The violence isn’t limited to rockets either, rioting Palestinians have begun claiming areas in a very militaristic sense from Israel. According to CNN World,

“The mayor of Lod, Yair Revivo, said decades of coexistence had been “trampled.”
He said Arab-Israeli rioters had been “burning synagogues, Talmud Torah, dozens of vehicles, burning garbage containers, destroying Israeli flags and worse, lowering the Israeli flag and hoisting the Palestinian flag, on a night of riots that injured policemen and residents who found themselves besieged.”
The Israeli casualties have been kept relatively low through the tireless efforts of the IDF and the effectiveness of the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System. (IDF) spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus told reporters that of the 1,600 rockets, “”Approximately 400 have fallen short inside the Gaza Strip and the interception rate continues at an average of 90%,” The IDF has struck “significant parts” of Hamas’ and Islamic Jihad’s rocket-firing capability, he added, “but it is by no means totally degraded.”
CNN reported that “The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said in a statement Thursday that it had carried out drone attacks on Israeli targets using new “homemade ‘Shehab’ drones.” According to  IDF spokesperson Avichay Adraee Israeli forces can hit them.

How Did It Start Again?

Again, being the operative term here… but its’ a valid question: How did it start this time? Luckily the GOP Newsfeed gave us the answer to that question.

The total war that is threatening to engulf the Holy land centers around the Jerusalem neighborhood of ‘Sheikh Jarrah’ as the Palestinian Arabs call it. Several Jewish and Arab families have been embroiled in a property dispute that has finally been ruled upon and the eviction of the Arab Palestinian squatters is imminent.

According to the Times of Israel,

“In all, over 70 Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah are set to be evicted in the coming weeks, to be replaced by right-wing Jewish Israelis. The Palestinians live in houses built on land that courts have ruled were owned by Jewish religious associations before the establishment of Israel in 1948.

The anticipated decision to evict the families came as Jerusalem lives through tense, violent days. The city has been on edge in recent weeks as Palestinians have clashed with Israeli police… More than 20 Israeli officers were lightly injured.”

Here’s the disconnect as the Times reports, “Palestinians charge that a 1970 Israeli law — while not discriminatory on its face — in practice allows only Jews to reclaim lost property in East Jerusalem. No similar law exists that would allow Palestinians to claim their lost property from Israel’s War of Independence inside Israel.” There is an extremely simple explanation for this that no-one really seems to have the gumption to state: The Israelis won the war, the Palestinians (who fought on the side of Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt) LOST.

Furthermore, as is typically the case: the legal claims of the Israeli families PRE-DATE those of the Palestinians considerably. The Palestinians’ claims in Jerusalem originate with the Jordanian government during their occupation of East Jerusalem from 1948-1967 when the land, stolen from its’ Jewish owners by the Government of Jordan was leased to the Palestinian Arabs.

The Jewish religious organization’s claims date back to the Ottoman government in the 19th century, as the land was reconquered by Israel, the rights of its previous owners were restored. Period. And now Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists have decided to start a new war over these deceitfully taken properties in Jerusalem that are finally being restored to their rightful owners.

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